March 20, 2013



Legends of China has extended The Silk Road to the Future registration deadline to May 1, 2013. You are offered a unique, top-quality visit to China at an excellent price partially funded by Legends of China. Not only will you visit China's great historical sites like the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, and the Forbidden City, but you can also meet your academic counterparts, if desired, to broaden your academic horizons by discovering study, work, and internship opportunities via this Chinese government-supported educational trip -- the 14th year of the Silk Road to the Future provided by prestigious Legends of China Foundation and the China Traditional Medicine University. Enjoy not only a bargain price, but also red carpet quality in all trip aspects -- hotels, dining, and meeting the friendly and generous Chinese people! This program is open by invitation only to the UC community and their families. The Silk Road program is directly supported by over 80 top Chinese universities and, during the past 13 years, has involved more than 5000 UC faculty, staff, students, alumni, and family members in travel to China.

Between July 10 - 22, 2013 The Silk Road to the Future trip offers 4 differing trip itineraries that include airfares, top hotels, meals, & tours. Immediately family members & close friends will enjoy the same price:

Trip A: 7 days, 1 city: Beijing, from $1589.00 (optional activities are available)
Trip B: 10 days, 4 cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou from $1989.00
Trip C: 11 days, 4 cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Xian (Terra Cotta Soldiers), Suzhou from $2500.00
Trip D: 12 days, 4 cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Hong Kong from $2700.00

The 2013 Silk Road exclusively offers the following programs:

Academic Matching Program for faculty and staff:

Tailored One-on-one experiences: Indicate your academic area of interest on the registration form and The Silk Road Program will offer the opportunity to meet/visit academically matched facilities and faculty or Staff in China.

Study and Internship Match Program for students:

During the program, internship and study-in-Chinese seminars will be provided, as well as a half-day internship to provide experience concerning the nature of potential China internships. The program will suggest, advise, and help to fulfill your study/internship desire and plan.

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN: To obtain more information and register, please visit the official website:

Deadline to register: May 1, 2013. Space is limited, so register ASAP.

Don't miss this wonderful, life-changing opportunity!

LOC Contact information is as follows:

* Email:

* Phone: 310/377-6068 FAX: 310/377-6156

* Mail: Legends of China, 46-E Peninsula Center #386, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274

UCSD Campus Contact:

Dr. Antonio DeMaio,

When calling or emailing LOC, please identify yourself as UCSD faculty, staff, student, or alumni.

*Additional Chinese governmental Airport Departure fees and Airline Fuel taxes will be added. See Registration form for specifics.

Antonio DeMaio
Department of Surgery
UCSD School of Medicine