April 2, 2013


SUBJECT:    Vote Now – Academic Senate Elections

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to remind you of the impending deadline for the election of next year’s Senate Vice Chair (and Chair-Elect) and members of the Academic Senate Committee on Committees: 4:30 p.m. this Friday, April 5, 2013.

These elected positions play a key role on campus and systemwide. The Senate Chair leads the Senate Council and Representative Assembly and, together with the Divisional Representatives, represents the campus at systemwide meetings, ensuring that our often unique campus views are accurately presented systemwide. The Committee on Committees selects members for Senate and Senate-Administration Committees and for a wide array of campus and systemwide committees, task forces, and administrative search and review committees, again playing a key role in shaping our campus voice.

Please help choose your representatives for these key positions by logging onto the secure Senate website and voting by this Friday:

Refrain from using your browser’s forward and backward buttons while completing the ballot, instead please use the “previous” and “next” buttons provided on the ballot form to navigate between screens. Technical questions may be directed to Trevor Buchanan (, x47584). If you are unable to vote electronically, contact Norine Siglar (, x43640) to arrange to pick up a paper copy of the ballot. Please be aware that if you submit both an electronic and a paper ballot, the electronic ballot will take precedence and the paper ballot will be destroyed before votes are counted.

Thank you for participating in shared governance. For your convenience, those standing for election are listed below. Please do not print and submit this as a ballot.


Kit Pogliano
Vice Chair Academic Senate
San Diego Division


Candidates for Vice Chair (Chair Designate) for a two-year term [the first year will be served as Vice Chair (Chair Designate) and the second year as Chair of the San Diego Division]:
Gerard Boss (Professor, Medicine)
Roddey Reid (Professor, Literature)

Candidates for Divisional Representatives to the Assembly of the Academic Senate (systemwide) for two-year terms (three will be elected): Jonathan Cohen (Professor, Philosophy)
Paul Insel (Professor, Pharmacology)
Susan Narucki (Professor, Music)
Piyush Patel (Professor, Anesthesiology)
Margaret Schoeninger (Professor, Anthropology)
Steven A. Wasserman (Professor, Cell and Developmental Biology)

Candidates for the At-Large member of Committee on Committees for a three-year term:
Daniel Arovas (Professor, Physics)
Donald Rutherford (Professor, Philosophy)

Candidates for the member of Committee on Committees from an Engineering department for a three-year term:
Yuri Bazilevs (Professor, Structural Engineering)
William Griswold (Professor, CSE)

Candidates for a member of Committee on Committees from a Health Sciences department for a three-year term:
Igor Grant (Professor, Psychiatry)
Marion Sewer (Associate Professor, SSPPS)

Candidates for a member of Committee on Committees from a Sciences department for a three-year term:
Andrew Chisholm (Professor, Neurobiology/CDB)
Stephen Hedrick (Professor, Molecular Biology Lisa Cartwright (Professor, Communication)
Nicholas Christenfeld (Professor, Psychology)