April 8, 2013


SUBJECT:    Review of Jeanne Ferrante as Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Equity

We have been appointed as a committee to conduct a review, in accordance with university policy, of Jeanne Ferrante’s performance in her role administrative as Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Equity. The committee is charged with evaluating the Associate Vice Chancellor’s performance in the following areas:

*Providing academic leadership to advance faculty equity at UC San Diego

*Expanding and strengthening mentoring programs for faculty

*Providing oversight of exit interview process for ladder-rank faculty and evaluating procedure and faculty responses

*Assisting the Executive Vice Chancellor, Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and the Director of OADEO in developing and implementing assessment tools to measure the effectiveness of existing programs and services designed to advance faculty equity and diversity at UC San Diego and achieve campus goals consistent with the University’s obligations as a state and federal contractor

*Reviewing and evaluating the recruitment process for its effectiveness, including requests to waive the open recruitment process

*Overseeing the development of programs to provide leadership training/succession planning for both current and potential future campus leaders

*Contributions to the larger campus community, including efforts to promote diversity, equal opportunity, inclusion, and UC San Diego’s Principles of Community

*Efforts to promote an environment in which the highest standards of ethical conduct are understood to be a primary responsibility

We welcome your comments on any aspect of Associate Vice Chancellor Ferrante’s performance. Please feel free to consult with others in your unit who may have relevant information. You may share your comments by e-mailing the review committee collectively (, or by emailing or writing to any of us directly. Members of the review committee are listed below. We would appreciate receiving your response by Friday, April 26, 2013. The report of the ad hoc committee will not identify individual respondents. Upon request, Associate Vice Chancellor Ferrante will be provided a copy of the report.

Kenneth Vecchio, Chair

Associate Vice Chancellor Review Committee:
Professor Benjamin Bergen, Cognitive Science
Professor Julian Betts, Economics
Professor Jeffrey Remmel, Mathematics
Professor Kenneth Vecchio, Nanoengineering, Chair