May 6, 2013


SUBJECT:    New FinancialLink Journal Voucher application

We are pleased to announce that a legacy web application in FinancialLink (WebIFIS Journal Voucher) has been completely re-designed with campus needs and newer technology in mind. The journal voucher application was created in 1999 as a replacement for the older IFIS "green screens" on the mainframe. Since then the WebIFIS application has grown and now accounts for 95% of all real-time financial IFIS activity from the campus. The current re-design project was undertaken to upgrade the WebIFIS application to meet campus business needs with the latest technology. Some of the benefits of this redesigned application include:

- Stabilizing the application for more uptime.
- Supporting the format of the departmental batch IFIS JV files, enabling IFIS batch files to be uploaded real-time through WebIFIS.
- Reporting and posting errors to the end user in real-time, significantly speeding up the end-to-end posting process.
- Providing an MS Excel template for bulk JV uploads online for easy data entry and consistency.
- Replacing old unsupported technology with newer, more flexible web interfaces.
- Offering auto-complete features for common fields.
- Reducing user interface screens and pop-up windows by 75% for easier navigation.
- Validating accounting information in real time before a request to IFIS is sent.
- Providing the option to send a copy of the receipt via email to another user.

To view this new web application, please visit the FinancialLink main page and select "Transactions" from the toolbar or dropdown, and then click "Financial Transactions". Or, you may simply visit the link directly at For all other financial software releases, please visit the FinancialLink main page and click on Quarterly Release Notes (What's New).

Last but not least, we would like to thank the members of the campus financial FOCUSgroup who helped us design and test this new application. If you have any questions or comments regarding this new consolidated online approval process, please contact Bill Sweetman, Manager of Financial web applications, at, or Kian Colestock, Director of Financial & Administrative Systems, at

Min Yao
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Administrative Computing and Telecommunications