June 5, 2013

ALL ACADEMICS AND STAFF AT UC SAN DIEGO (excluding UC San Diego Medical Center)

SUBJECT:    Personal Wireless Devices on Campus Network

Our wireless network is a critical part of the campus IT infrastructure that supports the research, learning, and business activities of UC San Diego. It is important that we keep our wireless network functioning properly. Lately, we discovered that some personal wireless network devices had been connected to our campus wireless network. These home wireless devices were not designed to work in an enterprise network environment and have been interfering with the campus wireless network, blocking our wireless network service for the people in the vicinity of the home wireless devices.

We would like to remind all of us that attaching such personal wireless devices to our campus network is against University policy (PPM 135-3), and we ask your help to remove these home wireless network devices from the campus network. If you need to enhance the wireless network coverage in your work area or if you have questions regarding a wireless device, please contact ACT Help Desk at 858-534-1853. We will provide you the needed wireless coverage and answer your questions regarding wireless devices. Some of the known home or personal wireless devices that have been interfering with our campus network are:

- Wireless access points (including Apple AirPort, phone-based wireless hot spots, and small router/switches that offer wireless services).

- Apple Time Capsule - these devices can fill the entire wireless bandwidth in their area and make it impossible for campus network to function. Please turn off the wireless function on your Apple Time Capsule. Follow the instructions at to learn how to use your Time Capsule on the wired network to back up your wireless devices.

- Some HP Printers - these printers often arrive with their wireless function turned on and they act like miniature wireless hot spots. Follow the guidelines at: to turn off the wireless function on your HP printer, and use your printer on the wired network.

- Some wireless cameras, locks, and sensors may also interfere with our campus wireless network. Please check with ACT before purchasing or installing such devices.

General information on improving wireless service in your area can be found at:

Min Yao
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Administrative Computing and Telecommunications