September 25, 2013


SUBJECT:    UCEAP Opportunities for Faculty

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the UC Education Abroad Program, I am forwarding you the following information on Study Center Director and Visiting Professor opportunities for faculty members.

Kit Pogliano
Academic Senate, San Diego Division


UCEAP Opportunities for UC Faculty

Since 1962, the University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) has served as the UC systemwide international exchange program. Serving all ten campuses, UCEAP continues its support of the University of California’s mission through academic instruction and exchange relationships around the world. UCEAP is now accepting UC faculty applications for the following two-year Study Center Director and short-term Visiting Professor appointments. The application deadline for primary consideration is October 30, 2013.

2015-17 Study Center Directorships

Chile & Argentina
Northern Europe (Germany, Sweden & Denmark)

2014 Visiting Professorships

Italy, University of Bologna and University of Commerce Luigi Bocconi

Netherlands, Utrecht University, University College-Utrecht, University College-Maastricht, Business and Economics-Maastricht

2015 Visiting Professorship

China, Fudan University

2016 Visiting Professorship

Japan, Meiji Gakuin University

For more information and to apply visit UCEAP’s website Please direct questions to UCEAP Human Resources Director Bryna Bock at

Additional UCEAP Opportunities

In line with UC's mandate to advance academic integration efforts for systemwide academic programs (e.g., UC Online Education, UC Education Abroad Program, UC Washington DC Center), UCEAP is setting up a Faculty Liaison Corps (FLC) across the 9 UC undergraduate campuses in order to advance its academic integration and outreach goals. Faculty Liaisons will be expected to assist with the development of course articulation plans for students in their major and to advertise UCEAP offerings with their students and faculty colleagues. UCEAP will provide an online orientation as well as outreach materials for faculty liaisons and will hold a yearly meeting at each campus to update faculty liaisons on current programming at UCEAP, academic integration and course articulation efforts, as well as other study abroad issues affecting UC students. Interested faculty should contact UCEAP Associate Dean Jeff Stopple at Our goal is to have one faculty liaison for each department or major on each of the nine undergraduate campuses, and to articulate the courses that could be taken abroad for major credit by UC students for each department or academic program on each campus.

UCEAP will also be setting up a parallel Advisor Liaison Corps (ALC), with a goal of one staff advisor per department or program on each of the 9 undergraduate campuses, to advance the same agenda and engage in the same processes. Interested Academic Advisors should contact Academic Coordinator Katie Arntsen at

Summer Partner Opportunities Abroad

Courtesy postings with application instructions will appear on UCEAP's website as they become available:

Freie Universitët Berlin, lower division “gateway” math class such as differential equations or linear algebra, mid-July through mid-August.

Munich School of Applied Sciences (MUAS) seeks UC faculty in Mechanical Engineering to co-teach a summer school undergraduate course on gas turbines and thermodynamics.

Yonsei University’s International Summer School (YISS) in Seoul, Korea, seeks faculty to teach undergraduate courses in the fields of Arts/Humanities, East Asian Studies, Global Issues, Social Sciences and Korean Studies, July through early August. The application period is mid-November to late December.

Jean-Xavier Guinard
UCEAP Associate Vice Provost & Executive Director

Bryna Bock
UCEAP Human Resources Director