September 9, 2013


SUBJECT:    Interim Director for Center for Teaching Development (CTD)

Effective September 1, 2013, Dr. Beth Simon will temporarily relinquish her duties as Director of the Center for Teaching Development through the end of the 2013-14 academic year. Dr. Simon, who is also appointed as a Lecturer with Security of Employment in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, will, however, remain associated with CTD as Senior Associate Director with special responsibilities for learning science and technology. This move is being made to free up Dr. Simon's time to more fully assist with campus and faculty efforts to develop hybrid and fully online course offerings, in part occasioned by the systemwide Innovative Learning Technology Initiative announced by President Yudof in January 2013:

While Dr. Simon contributes to campus efforts in technology-enhanced education, I am delighted to announce that Associate Dean of Graduate Studies Steve Cassedy has generously agreed to accept the role of Interim Director of CTD in addition to his decanal duties and his responsibilities as Professor in the Department of Literature. Associate Dean Cassedy brings a wealth of relevant experience to his new role, including having been Director of the Making of the Modern World program in Eleanor Roosevelt College for many years, having overseen the duties of numerous teaching assistants, and being himself an outstanding instructor in the humanities. Associate Dean Cassedy has been a member of the UC San Diego faculty for 33 years, has been Associate Dean of Graduate Studies since 2002, and has a distinguished record of service not only in the administration, but also in the Academic Senate. Associate Dean Cassedy will oversee all aspects of CTD's mission. Importantly, he will coordinate growth of the unit so that it can better serve members of our growing graduate student body, including an increasing number of international students, in their roles as teaching assistants and future members of the professoriate. Associate Dean Cassedy will also continue to strengthen CTD's outreach to new faculty begun by Director Simon.

Please join me in extending gratitude and congratulations to Associate Dean Cassedy on his newly-added interim role. He can be reached via, or at his OGS office number, x20655.

Kim E. Barrett
Dean of Graduate Studies