February 26, 2015


SUBJECT:    West Campus Parking Updates and Options

With ongoing construction and growth at UC San Diego, parking in the West Campus area has become highly impacted. To address this, we are currently working on a variety of strategies that will help ease parking challenges.

Short-term solutions implemented and under evaluation include:

• Addition of Lot P651 (Sixth College). This is a temporary lot with approximately 100 spaces now available for B permit holders. The lot is located on the north side of the Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC) on Gilman Drive across the street from Sixth College/P406. The lot is available until Summer 2015 when construction begins on reconfiguring and widening Gilman Drive to accommodate the future Gilman Bridge.

• Clearing of Lot P604 (School of Medicine). Expediting removal of construction equipment and supplies to provide additional spaces.

• UC Vehicle Space Conversion. Converting, where possible, restricted spaces for UC vehicles and other designated vehicles into permit spaces.

• Re-configuration of Lot P207 (Muir College). A re-striping/re-configuration analysis is underway to add more parking spaces.

• Parallel Parking Spaces on Hopkins Drive (North Campus). Approximately 20-30 spaces could be added temporarily along the west side of Hopkins Drive.

• Adding Parking at the School of Medicine. A new temporary surface parking area north of Osler Drive is under consideration. This would add approximately 100 spaces.

• Gliderport Parking Lot. Development of temporary parking at the Torrey Pines Gliderport is being considered and would add 200-300 spaces. The campus is consulting with Coastal Commission staff on feasibility.

• Parking at Scripps/Upper Mesa site (South of Revelle College). If developed, surface parking would be located along Capricorn Lane, southwest of North Torrey Pines Road. Approximately 75-100 spaces could be added.

We have also conducted several field surveys to assess current patterns and have identified parking options you may wish to consider:

• P703, P704 and P705 (East Campus/Regents Road). Spaces are generally available all day. A free shuttle service runs every 5-7 minutes from these lots to the Price Center throughout the day.

• P702 (The Preuss School/Voigt Drive). Spaces are generally available all day, however, there is currently no shuttle service available due to construction. We are looking at nearby shuttle stop options including possible use of the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) SuperLoop stop.

As a more permanent solution, we have begun the necessary process to construct a new West Campus parking structure that would add 1,000 or more new spaces. We are also considering operational improvements such as:

• Assessment of “reserved” and “allocated” parking policies and review of overall parking rates, including possible proximity parking.

• Developing ways to better communicate space availability/location during peak demand periods.

• Studying options for valet services for highly utilized areas that experience parking shortages.

We expect campus parking needs to continue evolving over the next few years as critical regional transportation projects come online. These include the Gilman Transit Center, which became operational in September 2015, as well as the 11-mile extension of the MTS Trolley Blue Line. With service to campus beginning in 2019, the introduction of the trolley will have a profound impact on how students, faculty, staff and visitors access campus. As these changes take place, we will continue to strive to meet the campus’s ongoing parking and access needs.

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Thank you for your continued support.

Brian Gregory
Associate Vice Chancellor