February 1, 2016


SUBJECT:    Retirement Of Mae Brown, Assistant Vice Chancellor - Admissions And Enrollment Services

Following 42 years of praiseworthy service to UC San Diego and the University of California, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Admissions and Enrollment Services (AVC-AES) Mae Brown has announced her decision to retire effective June 30, 2016.

AVC Brown has been an effective and highly respected leader in the area of Enrollment Management. She is nationally recognized and has contributed her expertise on several local, state and national commissions on higher education access.

AVC Brown's career began at UC San Diego in Undergraduate Admissions in 1972. She also served as an Academic Counselor and Coordinator of Orientation at Earl Warren College prior to her appointment at Third College, today Marshall College, where she served as Director of Academic Advising for sixteen-years. She moved on to serve as the Director of Undergraduate Admissions in 1995, and was appointed Assistant Vice Chancellor for Admissions and Enrollment Services in 2003. Throughout her tenure, AVC Brown has led a team of dedicated student affairs professionals in holistically evaluating record numbers of undergraduate applications to UC San Diego annually. She has led Admissions and Enrollment Services (AES) with grace and diplomacy, implementing change in policy and process required by Proposition 209, and in difficult periods of economic recession. She has skillfully navigated tumultuous waters while upholding the university's academic excellence and providing the critical services of financial aid, enrollment services, and lead some of the early work in developing TritonLink. Under her leadership AES established an extensive outreach, recruitment and yield program to promote UC San Diego locally, nationally, and globally. Her team conducts more than 300 high school visits and participates in more than 200 college fairs annually, last year visiting 50 California community colleges, 14 states and 33 countries. She and her team conduct countless workshops for students and their families, participating in community-based educational summits, and presenting Financial Aid information to share the message that UC San Diego is accessible and affordable for all. In 2007 AVC Brown served as a co-chair for the Student Service Center Building Advisory Committee. The Student Services Center, which houses several units within AES, is a 76,000 square foot building that both undergraduate and graduate students utilize daily for critical services. Additionally, the Triton Center welcomes over 60,000 visitors annually for campus tours and admissions information sessions.

In a career that spans four decades, AVC Brown's contributions are extraordinary and her professional legacy will endure for years to come. Please join us in recognizing AVC Brown's outstanding career and service to UC San Diego and systemwide. We thank her and wish her the very best in her retirement. A national search for AVC Brown's successor will commence this winter.

Suresh Subramani
Executive Vice Chancellor

Juan C. González
Vice Chancellor-Student Affairs