March 21, 2016


SUBJECT:    Five-Year Administrative Review of Sandra Brown as Vice Chancellor for Research

In accordance with university policy, we have assembled and charged an ad hoc committee to conduct a five-year administrative review of Sandra Brown's performance as Vice Chancellor for Research at UC San Diego.

The review committee is composed of the following members:

Associate Professor Todd Coleman (Bioengineering)
Professor Lawrence Goldstein (CMM/Medicine), CHAIR
Professor Gordon Hanson (GPS)
Professor Seth Lerer (Literature)
Professor Michael Norman (Physics)
Professor Mica Pollock (EDS/Communication)
Professor Larry Smarr (Computer Science & Engineering)
Professor Lisa Tauxe (GRD/SIO)
Professor Deborah Yelon (Cell & Developmental Biology)

The committee is charged with evaluating Vice Chancellor Brown's performance during the last five years in the following areas:

*Facilitating the development and enhancement of research initiatives, including oversight of General Campus ORUs
*Oversight of the administration of and accomplishments related to UC San Diego's contract and grant activity
*Helping UC San Diego garner large institutional grants such as UARCs, ERCs, FFRDCs to improve our national rankings
*Promoting UC San Diego research priorities and facilitating research partnerships involving UC San Diego, international, federal and state organizations, and industry
*The success of technology transfer, as well as innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities for students and faculty
*Oversight of the campus federal government relations function, with emphasis on metrics of success for these activities
*Short- and long-range academic planning, especially with mechanisms to facilitate interdisciplinary research
*Leveraging resources provided for ORUs, centers and programs through Research Affairs
*Development of academic programs; organizational and structural change
*Promoting the highest standard of excellence in the academic personnel review process
*Supervision of the Animal Care and Animal Welfare programs and staying competitive
*Organizational improvements; management of personnel and financial resources
*Contributions to the larger campus community, including efforts to enhance the diversity of the campus, specifically academic, staff, and student diversity, and efforts to foster a culture of inclusion within Research Affairs
*Efforts to promote an environment in which the highest standards of ethical conduct are understood to be a primary responsibility of all members of Research Affairs
*Efforts to ensure campus compliance with federal regulations and guidelines
*Support of individuals in the Project and Research Scientist series
*Working with other campuses and UCOP on research partnerships

The committee welcomes feedback on any aspect of Vice Chancellor Brown's performance. You may share your feedback by e-mailing the review committee collectively ( or by e-mailing or writing to any of the committee members directly. The committee would appreciate receiving all comments by Friday, April 8, 2016. Please note that the report of the ad hoc committee will not identify individual respondents; respondents will remain confidential. Vice Chancellor Brown will be provided a copy of the report.

Pradeep K. Khosla

Suresh Subramani
Executive Vice Chancellor