August 22, 2016


SUBJECT:    Transit and Parking Impacts Due to Construction

Upcoming construction on the Gilman Drive Realignment/Gilman Bridge and the Mid-Coast Light Rail Project (the MTS Trolley extension) will have an impact on transit operations and parking on campus. During construction, please expect the following:

Closure of Gilman Drive: Aug. 26-Sept. 3

Beginning at 10 p.m. on Friday, August 26 through Saturday, September 3, Gilman Drive will be closed between parking lot P401 and Villa La Jolla Drive.

Campus shuttle service will be affected with some routes experiencing a change in service and/or detours. For information on shuttle changes visit:

Bus routes operated by MTS will be affected as well. Please check MTS schedules and routes at: chedules-real-time

Impact to Parking Lots P705, P702 and P701

Portions of P705 and all of P702 are expected to close in October due to the start of construction on the Trolley extension. P705 is expected to return to service once construction on the Trolley is completed in 2021 while P702 will close permanently. A portion of P701 will be impacted by construction fencing. See map for parking lot locations:

Concrete dates of impact are still being determined and are subject to change due to changes in the construction schedule. More information on lot closures will be forthcoming once dates are confirmed. Please note: The lots will be kept open for as long as possible to minimize impacts on parking.

With parking continuing to be impacted by construction, we have identified parking options you may wish to consider. Many of these options offer nearby shuttle service that provides quick, convenient access to the center of campus. Please visit our Parking Alternatives page for more information:
http: //

As campus parking needs continue to evolve, we are striving to open new lots and structures as well as look for ways to enhance access to and around campus. We will continue to update you on these changes as information becomes available.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Transportation Services at

For more information on planned regional transportation projects including the Gilman Drive Realignment/Gilman Bridge and MTS Trolley extension, visit

Thank you for your continued support.

Todd Berven
Associate Director