April 28, 2017


SUBJECT:    2017-18 Merit Program for Non-Academic Eligible Policy-Covered Staff

I am pleased to inform you that the University of California Office of the President has announced that there will be a 2017-18 merit program for policy covered (non-represented) staff. The program covers all policy-covered staff in career or partial-year career appointments, excluding students and anyone covered by Academic Personnel Policies or a union contract.

The merit-based salary increase will be effective on June 18, 2017 for bi-weekly paid employees and on July 1, 2017 for monthly paid employees. Eligible staff are those hired on or before January 4, 2017 into a career or contract position with an appointment at 50% or more for at least a year. Increases, based on merit, will be for those whose performance rating is satisfactory/solid/meets standards or better. For campus, fiscal and HR contacts in the offices of the Executive Vice Chancellor and the Vice Chancellors will receive distribution details and guidelines for administration of the 2017-18 merit program in the upcoming weeks. For Health, Health HR will work with the Vice Chancellor and the CEO on the distribution details and administration of the merit program.

UC San Diego staff members are the foundation for the campus mission of teaching, research, service and patient care. Every day, our staff members live the promise of a student-centered, research-focused, service-oriented public university.

I am grateful to all staff for a shared commitment to our students, faculty and staff colleagues. Thank you for your commitment to UC San Diego.

Pradeep K. Khosla