December 13, 2019


SUBJECT:    New Contract/Grant and Conflict of Interest Systems

I am pleased to share important information regarding the implementation of new integrated contracts and grants management and conflict of interest systems that will enhance our research efforts while reducing administrative burdens. Kuali Research (KR) and Kuali Conflict of Interest (Kuali COI) will launch in January 2020 as part of the campus-wide Enterprise Systems Renewal (ESR) Program.

KR replaces the current Coeus contracts and grants systems including Electronic Proposal Development (ePD). KR allows faculty and staff to search for federal opportunities and pull required forms automatically into their proposals, as well as to create their project budgets directly in the system. Proposals can then be submitted directly to through the KR system. This will result in more efficient, consistent practices for department administrators and principal investigators (PIs).

To ensure that the new system meets the needs of our research community, the planning team has collaborated with over 100 key personnel from Health Sciences, Academic Affairs and Marine Sciences (e.g., faculty, chairs, department research administrators and sponsored projects office representatives).

There are new proposal submission timelines, effective January 21, 2020. These timelines will allow us to use KR most effectively, ensure necessary oversight of proposals, and reduce administrative effort by departmental research administrators and PIs.

-PIs should notify research administrators of their intent to submit proposals no later than 14 business days prior to the sponsor deadline and complete the research questionnaire and certification provided by a KR notification link.
-Research administrators should initiate a KR proposal record no later than 14 business days prior to the sponsor deadline.
-Academic and administrative approvers (chairs and department business officers) should review and approve proposals as soon as they are notified to do so, and should establish appropriate back-up approvers to ensure there is no delay. Only a small percentage of proposals require approval by the department or unit chair, and the chair will be requested to approve only those proposals.
-KR proposal records should be routed to the Sponsored Project Offices 5 business days (with final draft of research plans due 2 business days) prior to the sponsor deadline.

Every effort will be made to ensure adoption of these standards and submission of proposals in accordance to these standards in the launch phase. In the future, failure to meet these deadlines may preclude submission of proposals to external sponsors.

Sponsored Project Office leadership from OCGA, HSSPPO and SIO-OCGA are meeting with deans, chairs, faculty and departmental administrators to discuss system features and timelines, and will work closely with units in order to achieve full adoption of these timelines by July 1, 2020.

Kuali COI will be launched concurrently with KR and will have integrated disclosure notifications for external proposals and awards.

Kuali COIís more streamlined process will make it easier to submit and update conflict of interest disclosures to meet state and federal government disclosure requirements.

In the future, both conflict of commitment disclosures and IRB will use the Kuali system, further reducing administrative burden.

FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES FOR KR AND KUALI COI: As the launch date approaches, a range of training opportunities for both KR and Kuali COI will become available. Once the systems are launched, researchers and staff will be able to obtain assistance through a new Service Now helpline.

To learn more about Kuali Research visit: To view Kuali Research training opportunities visit:

To learn more about Kuali COI visit:

Sandra A. Brown
Vice Chancellor for Research