August 25, 2019


SUBJECT:    Timely Warning – Robbery

On August 25, 2019 at 10:03 pm the UC San Diego Police Department received a report of a robbery that occurred at the 101 bus stop at the corner of North Torrey Pines and La Jolla Shores Drive at approximately 10:00 pm. The reporting party stated that a male approach him and engaged him in conversation. Then the male produced a dark-colored object from behind his back, which the victim believed was a weapon. Then the male pulled a necklace from the victim’s neck and fled southbound on North Torrey Pines. The suspect is described as a white male adult in his twenties, with dark, long, “shaggy” hair, wearing a white shirt and unknown colored shorts.

The suspect has not been apprehended and the investigation is on-going.

If you have information that could be helpful in this investigation, please contact the UC San Diego Police Department at (858) 534-4357 or send an email to

The remainder of this email provides general information about preventing and reporting a robbery, and is not necessarily related to this incident.

If you are a victim of a robbery:

• Your personal safety is more important than money or merchandise.
• Believe the robber if they say they have a gun, knife or other weapon.
• Try to maintain a calm demeanor. Don’t make sudden moves or try to apprehend the suspect yourself. Concentrate on remembering a description of the suspect and when safe to do so, call police immediately by dialing 9-1-1.
• Assess the situation. Remember every situation is different; you are the only one who can decide the appropriate course of action.
• Seek medical attention as required.
• Consider contacting confidential campus support resources:
o UC San Diego students – visit Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS): and (858) 534-3755.
o UC San Diego faculty and staff – visit Faculty & Staff Assistance Program (FSAP): and (858) 534-5523.
o As an employee of UC San Diego Health, effective January 2018, you may choose to see a provider for your Employee Assistance and Behavioral Health Benefits, depending on your medical coverage. Please call the provider which is aligned with your medical provider at one of the toll-free telephone numbers below:
o If you have medical coverage with Core,


If you have any questions, please contact EH&S Emergency Management & Business Continuity at or call (858) 246-0695