January 22, 2020


SUBJECT:    Coronavirus: Important Information for UC San Diego Students

Dear Students,

UC San Diego Student Health Services has been working with UC San Diego
Health Infection Prevention and Clinical Epidemiology regarding an
outbreak of lower respiratory infections caused by a novel coronavirus
(nCoV) in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China that started in December
2019. This outbreak has resulted in more than 500 confirmed human
infections in China, with 17 deaths thus far limited to the Wuhan
region and exported cases in Thailand, Japan, and the Republic of Korea,
Hong Kong, and the U.S. All infections were in persons who had traveled
from Wuhan, China.

To further protect the health of persons in the U.S. during the
emergence of this new coronavirus, the CDC began entry screening of
passengers on direct and connecting flights from Wuhan to the main ports
of entry in the United States.

UC San Diego is working with UC San Diego Health Infection Prevention to
identify students that may have an infection due to the Wuhan
coronavirus, in order to expedite their care and to minimize the risk of
transmission to other students.

If you have been in Wuhan, China within the past 14 days and you
develop a fever with cough or difficulty breathing, please call Student
Health Services at 858-534-3302 or 858-534-6296. Let the nurse you speak
to know that you were in Wuhan and that you have a fever with cough or
difficulty breathing. We will ensure that you are promptly evaluated.

When Student Health Services is closed, please call our After Hours
Advice Nurse at 858-534-3300 or go to the UC San Diego Health Urgent
Care or Emergency Room.

In good health,

Stacie San Miguel, MD
Director of Medical Services
Student Health Services
UC San Diego Health