March 16, 2020


SUBJECT:    Campus Housing and Operations Update

The emergence of novel coronavirus and COVID-19 is presenting unprecedented challenges for communities all over. We want to commend our Triton community for thoughtfully exercising flexibility and resilience during this rapidly evolving situation.

As a university, we understand the challenges we face in following public health guidelines to limit close contact with others to slow the spread of coronavirus. Your health and safety are our first priority, and we are taking actions to significantly increase social distance on our campus.


In order to lower the density on campus, we are strongly urging students who can safely leave to do so as soon as feasible, but no later than March 29. This will allow the remaining students who are not able to leave campus the recommended space for effective social distancing.

Students should consider living on campus during the Spring Quarter only if they satisfy at least one of the following conditions: those who are without access to stable housing; who come from housing/food insecure households; who are unable to travel home; who are from areas highly impacted by COVID-19 or regions at risk for a COVID-19 outbreak; who are unable to relocate without high risk to their safety; and those who would be relocating to homes that lack infrastructure to accommodate virtual instruction.

Students who notify Housing, Dining & Hospitality of their intention to move out and turn in their keys before March 29 will receive a full refund for Spring Quarter housing costs. Information can be found on the Housing, Dining & Hospitality site (


Spring Quarter instruction will commence on March 30, as originally scheduled. To reduce anxiety and demonstrate compassion for our students, we strongly recommend that faculty consider the following for the first week of instruction: (a) taking measures to help students familiarize themselves with the remote instruction tools for the course, (b) making review and introductory material available via Canvas so students joining the course late can catch up, and (c) refraining from having assignments or assessments due that week.

To further enhance opportunities for social distancing, ALL UC San Diego courses will be offered remotely for the entire Spring Quarter, including laboratories, studio classes, small group discussions and seminars. There will be no exceptions. Students will participate in all courses remotely, regardless of where they reside.

We have a small window to take proactive steps to protect our community, and we are asking everyone to do their best and to be community-minded. We are all Tritons. We are all in this together. During this time of uncertainty, we ask that students, faculty and staff remain calm, respect one another and commit to our overall well-being.

Thank you for your continued cooperation, compassion and empathy.

Pradeep K. Khosla

Elizabeth H. Simmons
Executive Vice Chancellor

Maripat Corr
Academic Senate, San Diego Division

Steven Constable
Vice Chair
Academic Senate, San Diego Division