March 20, 2020


SUBJECT:    COVID-19 Related Research Opportunities

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow, many federal agencies are issuing funding opportunities specifically related to the pandemic. A regularly updated listing of these opportunities is available at

In addition, there have been requests from the Governor’s office and the UC Office of the President to outline areas in which the University of California research community can contribute to the control of the SARS CoV-2 outbreak. We are compiling a list of researchers who have either begun or have an interest in refocusing your efforts in this direction. This will facilitate our ability to direct research funding opportunities to investigators with relevant interests and which we can present to federal and state agencies as they reach out to UC San Diego for advice about research priorities.

To see our current listing of those investigators go to

This webpage will serve several functions:
1) it will allow the university as well as funding agencies to easily find and contact researchers whose work may be relevant to COVID-19;
2) it will allow researchers to find other researchers with whom to collaborate;
3) it will provide links to new rapid funding announcements for studies related the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you would like your name and COVID-related research interests added to the UC San Diego list of COVID-19 research interests, please send your name, department and title of relevant research to Michelle Franklin at Remember, relevant research can include a diverse range of subjects such as behavioral responses to pandemics, economic implications and mental health.

As a reminder, please keep close track of all expenses related to COVID-19, including remote work set-ups, necessary supplies and lost labor hours. This will expedite any reimbursements via supplements that will be available from the federal government. Additionally, information about allowances for charging federal funds for administrative, sick, and vacation leave is available at the OCGA website.

Additionally, if you are an investigator with active or recent coronavirus projects that align with the priorities identified by the World Health Organization’s “2019 novel Coronavirus Global research and innovation forum: Towards a Research Roadmap,” (, then please complete this short UC COVID19 Research Inventory survey from UC Office of the President at your earliest convenience:

Sandra A. Brown
Vice Chancellor for Research