April 3, 2020


SUBJECT:    SPRING 2020 Teaching Evaluations

Dear Colleagues,

We recognize that student teaching evaluations during the Spring quarter
of 2020 may be negatively impacted by the move to remote learning.
However, we believe many instructors will still receive favorable
evaluations and/or receive student recognition for going above and
beyond to make the best of a bad situation. We wish to be able to
acknowledge and reward success while offering safeguards for those whose
evaluations are harmed by the switch to remote learning. Accordingly, we
are implementing the process below to address Spring 2020 Course and
Professor Evaluations (CAPEs) and departmental teaching evaluations for
academic review files:
* Spring 2020 student teaching evaluations will continue to be
administered and distributed to instructors. This will allow instructors
to benefit individually from the student feedback.
* Instructors may individually decide whether to include their Spring
2020 student teaching evaluations in future review files; reviewers will
be instructed not to consider the absence of Spring 2020 teaching
* Units will be expected to use methods other than student teaching
evaluations for Spring 2020 instruction, such as the Teaching Portfolio
including syllabi and self-reflective teaching statements as described
in the report of the Senate/Admin Workgroup on Holistic Teaching
Evaluations: (

As a component of holistic teaching portfolios, we encourage instructors
to document the steps they have taken to transition courses to remote
instruction and what they learned or experienced while teaching in
remote format. Instructors can be confident that all levels of review
will consider any student teaching evaluations from Spring 2020 in the
proper context given the extreme circumstances faced during the COVID-19
pandemic response.

Please contact AVC Cindy Palmer ( with any questions.

With best regards,

Pradeep K. Khosla

Elizabeth H. Simmons
Executive Vice Chancellor