April 9, 2020


SUBJECT:    Remote Summer Session, Summer Campus Housing, Academic Integrity

The current public health emergency associated with the COVID-19 pandemic will impact not only the Spring Quarter, but also our Summer Session.

In order to continue the vital social distancing that contributes to public health, UC San Diego will continue to deliver all instruction by remote means during Summer 2020. This includes all Summer Session courses and Summer Success programs offered by any unit. The Academic Senate has approved an emergency exception to the Policy on Distance Education Courses to allow for remote instruction for the entire duration of Summer Session 2020. Course materials fees will not be applied to Summer Session courses. Enrollment for Summer Session for UC San Diego students begins April 13. More information is available at

Proposals by departments and faculty for Summer Session courses are still being accepted and encouraged. Interested faculty may contact Summer Session Director, Becky Arce with any questions at

Resources to support faculty in remote instruction are available at

Support and resources for students are available to


On-campus housing will remain open and operational for summer session. Students remaining in campus housing will be assigned to single-occupancy spaces.

Students should consider living on campus during summer session ONLY if they satisfy at least one of the following conditions: those who are without access to stable housing; who come from housing/food insecure households; who are unable to travel home; who are from areas highly impacted by COVID-19 or regions at risk for a COVID-19 outbreak; who are unable to relocate without high risk to their safety; and those who would be relocating to homes that lack infrastructure to accommodate virtual instruction.

Students who are remaining on campus for summer are reminded of the importance of physical distancing to further ensure the health and well-being of our community.


Itís important to remember that UC San Diegoís superb quality and reputation can only be sustained if faculty and students commit to academic integrity. For students, this means that they complete all of their exams in a way that honestly and fairly demonstrates their knowledge and abilities at that particular moment in time. For faculty, that means that they work to design and deliver high-stakes exams in ways that uphold integrity, and they check to ensure that those exams were completed with integrity. It also means that faculty report all suspected academic integrity violations to the Academic Integrity Office.

Students should visit for strategies in upholding integrity and sign-up to receive timely integrity reminders and news about integrity contests at

Faculty should visit for tips on preventing integrity violations and sign up to receive newsletters with new tips throughout the quarter at

Pradeep K. Khosla

Elizabeth H. Simmons
Executive Vice Chancellor