May 12, 2020


SUBJECT:    May 19, 2020 Representative Assembly Meeting

Dear Colleagues:

The fifth meeting of the 2019-20 academic year is scheduled for Tuesday,
May 19th from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. The meeting will be held via Zoom.
Representative Assembly members will receive the Zoom link directly. If
you are a Senate member who is not an Assembly Representative and you
would like to attend the meeting, please RSVP to Ashley Welch at to obtain the login instructions. All Senate members
are welcome to attend.

The Notice of Meeting (agenda) and all pertinent documents are available
on the following webpages.

(1) On the Senate’s homepage under Assembly/Council
Meetings, on the lower right side of the page.

(2) On the Representative Assembly-Schedule page.

Although the meeting will start at 3:30, we are asking meeting
participants to begin logging in at 3:15 to allow time for each
participant to be admitted into the meeting. We also ask that your Zoom
name match your real name, so that you may be identified. The meeting
materials include this and other important Zoom information for this

Executive Vice Chancellor Elizabeth Simmons will address the Assembly at
this meeting, and the following proposals will be presented.

· Proposal to Amend Divisional Regulation 702, Requirements for
the Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree, Rady School of
· Proposal to Establish a Master of Computational Social Science,
Division of Social Sciences.
· Proposal to Transfer the Master of Advanced Studies in
Architecture-Based Enterprise Systems Engineering major (CS82) to the
Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering.
· Proposal to Offer Courses Used to Fulfill the Entry Level
Writing Requirement for Baccalaureate Credit, and to Amend Regulation
600, Campuswide Graduation Requirements and Regulation 505, Repetition
of Courses.
· Proposal to Amend Bylaw 166, Ex Officio Members.
· Proposal to Amend Bylaw 82, Representative Assembly.
· Proposal to Amend Senate Bylaw 241, Senate Awards.
· 2019-2020 Distinguished Teaching Awards.
· Proposal to Establish a New Bylaw, Appendix 5.12, Bylaws of the
Faculty of Seventh College.
· Proposal to Establish a New Regulation 635, Academic
Requirements of Seventh College.
· Proposal to Amend Regulation 615, Academic Requirements of
Marshall College.

As this is an extraordinary large number of items for any meeting, and
Zoom meetings do not lend themselves to free-flowing discussions,
especially at meetings with over 100 attendees, I ask that you please
review the meeting materials in advance of the meeting and send
questions to with the agenda topic number
in the subject line of the email, by noon on Monday, May 18th. Your
questions will be shared with the presenters so that they may be
prepared to discuss them in advance. Discussion will necessarily be

Primary Representatives and Alternate Representatives should coordinate
their attendance and voting for this meeting. Both may attend; however,
Alternate Representatives may only vote in the absence of the Primary
Representative. Please coordinate who will attend and cast votes, in
advance of the meeting. Stay healthy,

Stay healthy,

Maripat Corr
Academic Senate, San Diego Division