June 5, 2020


SUBJECT:    A Message to Black Faculty, Staff and Students

It has been very difficult to process the constant stream of deeply disturbing news featuring graphic images and videos of violence, threats and turmoil over the past 10 days. These events have contributed to feelings of outrage, disbelief and grief.

We condemn the racist and unjust rhetoric and actions that have resulted in more attacks on Black Americans. We honor freedom of expression and encourage our campus community to exercise their inalienable rights through peaceful protests and civil discourse to counter hate and injustice. In protesting for basic human rights and seeking justice for those whose rights are violated, you are demonstrating UC San Diego values. We stand together in solidarity with you and affirm our collective commitment to liberty and justice for all.

We recognize that many of you on campus are courageously fighting to protect the basic human rights of your communities as you seek justice for those whose rights are violated. We admire your unwavering strength and recognize our UC San Diego values in action.

We deeply regret the trauma this turmoil inflicts upon you, the collective trauma experienced by our Black community, and the trauma endured by generations past. For generations of activists, advocates, allies, and civil rights martyrs, this was not the legacy they intended to leave for you, yet here you are shouldering the burden begat by violent hatred and unequivocal racism. Despite your fear and trepidation, we know you continue in hopes to create a society that will be better for our youth, our future.

To our Black students, we regret the inordinate strain these events have placed on your minds and spirits. To support you, the Academic Senate has urged faculty to consider current events during finals and has recommended specific accommodations to help students complete the spring quarter (

It is our mission, goal and desire to invest in your presence, success, retention and sense of belonging so that you can realize your career aspirations and unlock the promise you hold for a more inclusive society. You are our nation’s future. Our nation needs your brilliant minds, earnest voices, and unique talents.

To our faculty: We acknowledge your pain and know that it is intensified as you push through your professional obligations and also show up for our students and colleagues who are also hurting. We will continue to strengthen our work with academic leaders and the campus community to remove any structural barriers that may impact your success and overall wellbeing.

To our staff: We see you. And, we thank you for showing up and continuing to support our students and faculty who rely on you every day at UC San Diego. We acknowledge that doing so during these times is very challenging. Thank you. We are here for you and are committed to your wellbeing and professional success.


We know that creation and innovation prosper best when they emanate from students, faculty and staff of diverse backgrounds and viewpoints. Many voices and cultures offer different ways of seeing the world, solving problems and working together.

It is imperative that we strive to increase diversity, and also focus on everybody’s sense of belonging. This requires consistent, prolonged open dialogue and action. UC San Diego’s Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion is currently organizing community conversations to provide spaces for healing and identifying ways to be agents of change in this moment.

The first campus dialogue will feature the Chancellor, our UC San Diego Chief of Police, and our Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion discussing the university’s approach to policing on our campus. The conversation will provide an update on how UC San Diego continues to implement the recommendations of the Presidential Task Force on University wide Policing that was established two years ago. A recent letter from President Napolitano and Board of Regents Chair Pérez reaffirms the university’s commitment to improve the training, accountability and community relations of our university police departments ( Event details will be shared in a forthcoming campus notice. The session will be recorded for those who are unable to attend during this busy time.

We commit to making UC San Diego a place where everyone feels valued; where the climate for work, research and learning is empowering for our Black campus community and all individuals. This is our commitment to you. This is our commitment to each other.

Pradeep K. Khosla

Elizabeth H. Simmons
Executive Vice Chancellor

Maripat Corr
San Diego Divisional Academic Senate

Steven Constable
Vice Chair,
San Diego Divisional Academic Senate

David A. Brenner
Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences

Margaret S. Leinen
Vice Chancellor for Marine Sciences

Sandra A. Brown
Vice Chancellor for Research

Gary C. Matthews
Vice Chancellor for
Resource Management and Planning

Pierre Ouillet
Vice Chancellor and
Chief Financial Officer

Becky R. Petitt
Vice Chancellor for
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Alysson Satterlund
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Jeff Gattas
Associate Chancellor /
Chief of Staff

Suzi Sterner
Associate Chancellor

Judy Bruner
Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer

Anne L. Buckley
Chief Communications and
Marketing Officer

Vince Kellen
Chief Information Officer

Patty Maysent
Chief Executive Officer for
UC San Diego Health

Daniel W. Park
Chief Campus Counsel

Nancy Resnick
Chief Human Resource Officer

David S. Rose
Chief of Police

Michael Trigilio
Chair of the Committee on
Diversity and Equity
San Diego Divisional Academic Senate