June 5, 2020


SUBJECT:    Resumption of Operations Requirements

This week, a small group of research staff started ramping up our extensive research enterprise. We are taking a phased approach that will restart levels of operations over a period of time, and for those of you currently working remotely, there is no change unless you have been advised by your supervisor to return to campus. We want to be very clear that your return to campus will be communicated by your direct supervisor. Please do not come to campus until you are invited to do so.

For those on campus already or invited to come back, we are following the guidance in Stage 2 of California’s Resilience Roadmap. The University should continue to maximize the use of remote work opportunities and strive to protect all members of the UC San Diego community, including faculty, staff, and students. As part of Stage 2, the County requires every department to satisfy the Safe Reopening Plan. If your department has staff already on campus or is planning on bringing staff back to campus, employees and departments need to complete the steps below to ensure County Safe Reopening Plan requirements are being met.


  1. Complete the UCSD Social Distancing and Sanitation Protocol form covering the return to work activities and submit to your VC for approval to confirm proposed work activities will comply with the County Health Order requirements. If you report through the VC of Research, please follow the Research Ramp-up Guidance for this step.
  2. After VC approval has been received, distribute the completed form to the employees that will be returning to work, and post the completed form at a prominent location in the workspace.
  3. Ensure the required posters and signage are displayed in prominent locations, including at or near entrances, in the workspace regarding expected behaviors and maximum occupancies.
  4. Ensure employees returning to campus have taken the COVID-19 Return to Work Training available at the UC Learning Center.
  5. Provide employees with the COVID-19 Symptom Screening link and inform them that they must complete the screening every day and receive a cleared-to-work in-person notification before entering the workplace.
  6. Ensure employees have read and understood the UCSD Social Distancing and Sanitation Protocol form requirements and request they acknowledge by signing the Training Roster. Supervisors will review the training record and sign the roster indicating that the supervisor has verified that the employee understands the Resumption of Operations requirements.
  7. If your department’s plan has retail space, contact EOC ( for assistance.
  8. For restaurant and dining facilities, complete the Restaurant/Food Facility Operation Protocol. For assistance, contact the EOC (

  1. Complete the required COVID-19 Return to Work Training before returning to work.
  2. Complete the required COVID-19 Symptom Screening daily before entering the workplace. Stay home if you are sick or if you answered “YES” to any of the screening questions and notify your supervisor.
  3. Review and ensure you understand your department’s specific UCSD Social Distancing and Sanitation Protocol form requirements.
  4. Adhere to face-covering requirements when on campus.
For questions, please email

Gary C. Matthews
Vice Chancellor
Resource Management and Planning

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