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Section: 20-1
Effective: 11/01/1992
Supersedes: 03/25/1992
Next Review Date: TBD
Issuance Date: 11/01/1992
Issuing Office: Policy and Records Administration

PPM 20-1 Policy [pdf format]
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    UCSD Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM)


    UCSD Policy and Procedure Manual


    Official Publications of UCSD




    Addressing Services


    Material for dissemination to a general segment of the campus, such as policies, notices, newsletters, brochures, flyers and posters are to be coordinated by the originating department with the Policy and Procedure Manual Editor. The purpose of this coordination is to:

    1.  Ensure conformance with existing policies and procedures.

    2.  Avoid dissemination of overlapping or conflicting information.

    3.  Obtain the assistance of the PPM Manual Editor in preparing issuances that will convey the necessary information clearly and effectively.

    4.  Ensure proper coordination and review.

    5.  Provide a simple and consistent means of identifying and referring to campus issuances.

    6.  Assure that appropriate electronic mail lists or Mail List Codes are used (see PPM 553-7).


    1. Policy Statements

      1. UCSD Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM)

        The PPM contains all local operational policies and procedures except as contained in the Academic Personnel Manual. Manuals are distributed by the PPM Manual Editor and the contents are updated by campus administrative offices through the PPM Manual Editor. Revisions are initiated by the cognizant campus office and distributed by the PPM Manual Editor to Policy and Procedure Manual Holders. PPM 20-2 contains detailed instructions for preparing policy issuances.

      2. Staff Personnel Manual (SPM)

        The SPM contains local UCSD staff personnel policies issued by the Personnel Department; staff personnel policies issued by the Office of the President (OP); and local implementations of OP policies issued by the Personnel Department. All revisions are processed or initiated by the Personnel Office through the PPM Manual Editor to PPM/SPM Holders in accordance with PPM 20-2.

        Local UCSD Policies are printed on white paper and numbered from 0 through 99; OP policies are on white paper and numbered from 100 through 775; and local implementations of OP policies are printed on blue paper with number designations corresponding to the OP policy followed by (L-1), (L-2), etc.

        At UCSD the SPM has been incorporated into Section 250 of the Policy and Procedure Manual; therefore, each number is preceded by 250, i.e. 250-0, 250-210, 250-760 (L-1). For those offices without a PPM, a Staff Personnel Manual may be issued by the PPM Manual Editor after approval by the Personnel Department or Human Resources at the Medical Center.

      3. Administrative & Professional Staff Manual (A&PS)

        The A&PS manual contains staff personnel policies issued by the Office of the President which cover all Administrative & Professional Staff. The A&PS Manual is available from the PPM Manual Editor in Administrative Records.

      4. Academic Personnel Manual (APM)

        The Academic Personnel Manual contains academic personnel policies. Manuals are distributed by the Academic Personnel Office (APO) and updated by Systemwide Administration through the APO to APM Holders without coordination with the PPM Manual Editor. Local policies and procedural implementations are issued in Section 230 of the UCSD Policy and Procedure Manual and are processed in accordance with PPM 20-2.

    2. Official Publications of UCSD

      A "publication" is any graphic communication produced to convey information on behalf of the University. This definition includes the General Catalog, Graduate Studies Announcement, college bulletins, summer session publications, circulars which describe one department of instruction and research (or similar academic unit), gallery catalogs, college newsletters, recruitment pamphlets, departmental activity calendars, administrative reports or pamphlets which describe the purpose or activity of an administrative unit, and special events brochures, posters, or flyers. Such publications fall under the purview of the Publications Office and must be coordinated by that office from the planning stage forward. PPM 400-2 sets forth the policy, procedure, and responsibility for these issuances. Also distribution by use of a ``General Campus Mail List'' (PPM 553-7) must be coordinated in advance with the PPM Manual Editor in the same manner as Notices (see paragraph C. below).

    3. Notices

      Campus Notices are free-styled memoranda distributed electronically which are used to communicate to a large segment of faculty and staff, information related to UC policy, salary, benefits and other employment-related matters, matters related to campus accounting, purchasing, and administrative systems procedures, safety and security matters, and any administrative communiques which legally require official notification to the campus community.

      Notices are distributed by means of an electronic ucsd-notices listserve. All Notices require the prior approval of the cognizant Vice Chancellor/Director or the Associate Chancellor.

      Subject matter appropriate for use of the Campus Notice are detailed below:

      • Employment Related Matters

        Salary, Benefits, Training/Development Programs, Recognition/Awards Programs

      • Policy/Regulations

        Campus, Systemwide and Federal

      • Special Campus Events

        All events that allow administrative time off
        United Way/Chad Campaign
        Annual Open House

      • Appointments

        Chancellor's Office Management Staff
        Vice Chancellors/Directors
        Deans or Heads of Professional Schools

      • Certain Accounting, Purchasing and Administrative Systems Matters

      • Safety/Security Matters

      1. Preparation of Material

        The notice should be prepared in the e-mail program, or imported from the originator's word processing software into the text of the e-mail message following the format shown in Exhibit A. In other words, please do not attach a proprietary word processing file. Most word processors will export (or save) in ascii text format for inclusion into the e-mail message.

      2. Review/Approval

        The Notice is routed for review through the appropriate individuals. The orginator sends the electronic notice to the first reviewer. The reviewer approves/changes the document and forwards to the next appropriate individual. Continue forwarding the document until all appropriate reviewers have been listed at the top (the e-mail "header"). The final reviewer is the cognizant Vice Chancellor for that area. The Vice Chancellor will forward the Notice to llmaczko@ucsd in Administrative Records.

        When the notice is received in Administrative Records it will resemble the format shown in Exhibit A.

      3. Distribution

        Once received in Administrative Records, the Notice will be sent for distribution to the UCSD-Notices listserve. Departments must add or delete key personnel to this listserve. To subscribe, send an electronic mail message addressed to "listserv@ucsd". In the message, simply write the one-line message "ADD ucsd-notices".

      4. Archival Notices

        At the time of electronic distribution, a copy of the Notice is made available on Infopath. Departments may reference or retrieve Notices from this source if necessary.

    4.  Flyers/Announcements

      Flyers should be used for the majority of announcements regarding campus events, activities, and information of a general nature, i.e., music presentations, theatre programs or announcements of lectures, blood drives, or campus relocations. Flyers do not require a signator and allows the originating office much more flexibility for content and appearance. Flyers can be processed as timely as Notices and are a recommended alternative. Flyers can be distributed electronically via the ucsd-flyers listserve. To subscribe, send an electronic mail message addressed to "listserv@ucsd." Simply write the one-line message "ADD ucsd-flyers." Log numbers are required for general campus mail lists.

    5. Newsletters

      Newsletters are publications which convey news items or information of current interest to the UC San Diego campus or community. These are published by various offices. Contact Public Information if a complete listing is required. These are distributed on general campus mailing lists, specialized lists, or available electronically through Infopath depending on the newsletter.

    6. Memorandum

      Normal correspondence between and among campus offices which does not establish campuswide policies or procedures requires no approval nor coordination with the PPM Manual Editor, except that memoranda distributed via mail lists still require the approval of the mail list controller.


    It is the responsibility of any unit originating a policy statement, publication, newsletter, flyer, or notice, to coordinate with other units and/or the PPM Manual Editor as appropriate.



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