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400 - Public Affairs

Section: 400-2
Effective: 06/01/1984
Supersedes: 01/05/1976
Review: TBD
Issuance Date: 06/01/1984
Issuing Office: University Communication and Public Affairs

PPM 400-2 Policy [pdf format]



    1.  President's Directive, 1/20/65

    2.  By-Laws of the Academic Senate, Sections 29 and 32(C)


    UCSD Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM)


    Campus Announcements, Directives, Memoranda, Publications


    Authority to Solicit Quotations, Release Award Information and Execute Purchase Orders/Contracts


    Graphic and Reproduction Services Functions


    Printing and Related Services


    The Publications Office has responsibility for the editing and approval of copy, the design, production, and the development of printing specifications of publications intended primarily for off-campus distribution. (See IV-A. and B. below).

    The Publications Office is available for consultation, assistance, or complete production services for publications intended primarily for on-campus use (See IV-C. and D. below).

    The Academic Senate is charged with supervising copy pertaining to the academic programs contained in the General Catalog.


    1.  Recruitment publications are designed primarily for the use of prospective undergraduate and graduate students and their advisers. These publications include the general catalog, School of Medicine (SOM) catalog, campus viewbook, Office of Relations with Schools (ORS) publications, housing brochures, Equal Opportunity Program (EOP), and financial aids publications; graduate catalog, graduate program brochures, pamphlets and posters; student affirmative action publications; summer session catalog, posters, pamphlets; other related publications, such as those published by affiliated institutes and centers.

    2.  Public Relations/Public Events-related publications are designed primarily for the use of the general public, and specific segments thereof. These publications include announcements, invitations, posters, etc., published by arts departments; Alumni and Development publications; Contract and Grants publications (for external audiences); maps; newsletters (for off-campus distribution); publications produced by the Public Information Office; commencement programs; administrators' invitations and greeting cards; other related publications.

    3.  Service-related on-campus publications are designed primarily for use of students and staff. They include publications of the Personnel Office, Bookstore, Food Services, Student Health Services, Career Planning and Placement, and Physical Plant office; also, college handbooks and orientation brochures; campus recreation and athletic department publications.

    4.  Student publications are designed primarily by and for students, and for on-campus use.


    During the planning of a publication, the originating department should contact the Publications Office for consultation.

    1. The Publications Manager, or his/her designate,

      1. Edits, reviews, and updates manuscript drafts originated by the departments or other administrative units, in preparation for publication.

      2. Supervises the preparation of layout, type specification, paste-up and other aspects of the preparation of camera-ready art.

      3. Prepares and processes request(s) for quotation for typesetting and printing services, as appropriate, in cooperation with the Purchasing Office or Graphics and Reproduction Services, in compliance with prescribed university policy (PPM 523-6).

    2. Specifications for publications

      The format, size, and overall design of publications will be determined by their purpose, but will also reflect a relationship to one another, and thus to the university.

      The language, design, and overall quality of all publications bearing the name of the university should reflect the university's standard of excellence.

      1. The name of the University of California, San Diego will appear on the front cover of all UCSD publications.

      2. When used in conjunction with the official UCSD logo, the name of the university should be set in Eurostyle typeface, in a size appropriate to the size of the logo.

    3. Payment for Services

      1. The total cost of preparation and printing of publications is paid from funds of the originating departments or units. The cost is determined by the bid process, according to university procedure (PPM 523-6); the cost is quoted to the department before work proceeds.

      2. The preparation of camera-ready art (layout, design, type specification, illustration and related art services) are recharged to the originating department at an hourly rate. There is no charge to the user for all other services of the Publications Office.