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551 - Central Garage

Section: 551-6
Effective: 02/20/1992
Supersedes: Not Applicable
Review: TBD
Issuance Date: 02/20/1992
Issuing Office: Auxiliary Business Services

PPM 551-6 Policy [pdf format]



    This policy aims to prevent conflicts among service vehicles and pedestrians and to ensure safe and efficient access to campus facilities by service and delivery vehicles.

    As follows:

    1. Full Size and Delivery Service Vehicles

      Service vehicles larger than carts/scooters should only use campus roadways to access service yards and other areas of campus. In certain circumstances and emergencies Physical Plant Services utility maintenance crews and tree trimming crews may use pedestrian paths to access facilities and maintain landscaping.

    2. Scooters/Carts

      1. Scooters and carts with the exception of Disabled Student Services are not to use primary pedestrian paths during class changes.

      2. Carts/scooters must obey rules of vehicular traffic when traveling on campus roads (e.g., these vehicles should not violate "Do Not Enter" or "One-Way" traffic directions).

      3. Scooters sharing paths with pedestrians must be considerate of pedestrians, and should travel at a slow enough speed so as to not force them off the paths.

      4. Carts/scooters must not block handicapped access or building entrances.

    3. University Vehicles with E

      University vehicles with "E" license plates must not park in handicapped spaces, reserved spaces or fire lanes.

    4. Bicycles

      Bicycles should be used whenever practical instead of service vehicles to provide service or to supervise personnel on campus. Employees using bicycles must follow the UCSD Bicycle/Skateboard Regulations.

    5. Construction

      Parking arrangements for Facilities Design & Construction/Physical Plant Services' construction contractors must be made with the Parking Office on a project by project basis so that appropriate parking locations are designated.

    6. Enforcement

      1. Identification

        Department names and identification numbers must be placed on all vehicles, along with stickers stating something to the effect of "If I am driving poorly or in a pedestrian area, call x4XXXX", which would be the phone number of the department supervisor responsible for that vehicle. Consequently, supervisors should discuss reported violations with drivers and are required to submit a report annually to the Vice Chancellor-Business Affairs summarizing the extent of reported violations and corrective measures taken during the reporting period.

      2. Service Yard Passes

        Service yard parking passes must be of limited duration (2 hours) to free space for service and delivery vehicles. There must be daily policing of service areas. Parking enforcement officers should report inappropriate use of service area parking to the appropriate department supervisors.


    Specific campus areas have been delineated as follows:

    1. Price Center and Vicinity

      1. All service vehicles other than scooters unless specifically authorized by the campus police department (or Director of the Price Center) will not be permitted on the pedestrian mall west of the Price Center. This mall is part of the future pedestrian promenade, Library Walk.

      2. Spaces marked "VENDOR 20 MIN" on Matthews Lane east of the Price Center are for off-campus vendors servicing the Price Center and displaying the appropriate permit on their dashboards. Parking enforcement officers should report inappropriate use of vendor parking to the appropriate department supervisor.

      3. Only short-term scooter parking will be allowed along the northeast entrance of the Price Center.

      4. University Events should use the Price Center elevator at the loading dock for all equipment except light trusses, as this elevator is near the ballroom service entrance. Light trusses can be unloaded at the southwestern corner of the Price Center at Lyman Avenue.

      5. University Events performers' buses will be provided a special permit to park in a designated area on Matthews Lane.

      6. In order to prevent the larger U.S. Postal Services (USPS) truck from driving on the Library Walk just west of the Price Center, Mail Services' scooters will pick up the mail at the Postal Annex located in the Price Center and deliver it to its headquarters at Campus Services Complex. USPS will collect the mail from that facility.

      7. Price Center vendors will be provided a special permit to park in a designated area on Matthews Lane.

    2. Faculty Club Vicinity

      The pedestrian pathway through the Grove just south of the Faculty Club is for pedestrian use only.

    3. Revelle College

      Housing and Dining Services' vehicles servicing Blake and Argo Residence Halls should park only on the wide pedestrian path south of Revelle Commons. Off-campus vendors servicing Revelle Deli should park in the Revelle Commons service yard. Delivered goods should be wheeled from this service area to the Deli.

    4. Third College

      1. Service vehicles other than Mail Services scooters and Disabled Student Services scooters are not permitted to drive through Third College Plaza.

      2. Audio/Visual van may be loaded on the plaza at the southwest entrance to the Media Center, but then must be immediately driven off to Muir College Drive. Scooters may park at this entrance to the Media Center; the van, however, should be parked at the Chemistry Research Building service yard.

      3. The service corridor tunnel between Chemistry Research Building and Cognitive Science Building is now available for use. Keys are available from Physical Plant Services. Vehicles should be parked at the Chemistry Research Building loading dock and materials should be wheeled to the Cognitive Science Building via the service corridor tunnel.

    5. Warren College

      The smaller loading dock at Engineering Building Unit I (EBU I) should be utilized whenever possible. This dock is open for service. Carts/scooters accessing the building's front entrance must park in the corridor that leads to Voigt Drive.

    6. School of Medicine

      Use of the service area off Osler Lane south of Basic Science Building is encouraged to lighten congestion in the service area north of the building.