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490 - Correspondence Procedures

Section: 490-2
Effective: 01/01/2001
Supersedes: 08/20/1963
Review: TBD
Issuance Date: 01/01/2001
Issuing Office: External Relations / University Communications

PPM 490-2 Policy [pdf format]



    1.   California Education Code Section 92000

    2.   UC Policy on Representation of the University on Letterhead and Business Cards, 9/28/99

    3.   UCSD Policy & Procedure Manual (PPM)
      490-1 Correspondence Guidelines
      510-10 Use of University Name and Seal

    4.   UCSD Graphic Identity Guidelines and Policies


    University stationery shall be used only in the conduct of University business. University policies on the use of the University's name and University seal shall apply to these guidelines in accordance with Section 92000 of the State Education Code.

    University policy governs design specifications and use of three formats approved for stationery and collateral materials at UCSD. When a format is used for stationery, it should be used consistently on collateral items (i.e., envelopes, business cards).

    • Official University of California
    • UCSD Medical Center
    • UCSD Logo


    1. Approved Stationery Formats

      1. Official University of California Stationery and Collateral

        The format adopted by the Office of the President in 1963 incorporates the University seal and a double rule enclosing the names of all campuses. The design, including the unofficial seal, typefaces, type sizes, and colors may not be altered, nor may it include photographs or additional artwork.

        1. Typeface

          Times Roman is the only typeface used for official University of California stationery at UCSD.

        2. Color

          Official University of California stationery may be printed in black ink only.

        Official University of California stationery may be used by any campus unit. Questions about official stationery should be directed to the University Communications Office.

      2. UCSD Medical Center Stationery and Collateral

        The format adopted by the UCSD Medical Center is the only stationery used by UCSD Medical Center departments.

        Faculty may use either UCSD Medical Center stationery or the official UC stationery, but the chosen format should be used consistently on collateral items.

        Information on the design specifications and ordering of UCSD Medical Center materials is available from UCSD Healthcare Marketing.

      3. UCSD Logo Stationery and Collateral

        The format adopted by the campus in 1999 is the only alternate stationery used by UCSD employees in the conduct of campus business.

        Campus units may use either the official University of California stationery or the UCSD logo stationery, but the chosen format should be used consistently on collateral items.

        1. Typeface

          Minion typeface is used on UCSD logo stationery. If this is not available, Times Roman may be substituted for names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. The logo itself, however, may not be altered.

        2. Color

          UCSD logo stationery is printed in blue (only printer color blue, PMS 286 may be used). Custom color work may be ordered if approved by the University Communications Office.

      4. Internal Memos

        Because of computer printing and recycling, internal memo paper is rarely purchased but, when it is, a consistent campus image should be maintained.

        1. Format

          The name of the campus (SAN DIEGO) and the office name is printed in all capital letters (Times Roman typeface, 8 point), flush right, 3/4-inch from the top of the page. It is not necessary to place "University of California (for internal use only)" at the bottom of internal memos. For example,


        2. Printing Specifications

          Recycled 8-1/2 x 11, 20# white bond is used for printing internal memo paper; in black ink only. Pre-printed memo paper may be ordered through Imprints.

        3. Recycled Paper Logo

          The recycled paper logo is not to be included on stationery.

      Questions about uses and adaptations of the UCSD logo format, including the incorporation of additional artwork/logo or unit identification, should be directed to the University Communications.

    2. Identifying Information

      Location of names, titles, departments and addresses on stationery and business cards is dictated by University policy. The following information may be included on letterhead stationery and business cards:

        Official Title*
        Department Name
        Unit Name
        Nine-digit Zip Code
        Telephone Number
        Fax Number
        E-Mail Address
        Internet Address

        *only executive level staff

    3. Paper Stock and Recycling

      1. All stationery and collateral should be printed on white paper to accommodate recycling.

      2. Letterhead and envelopes for all stationery should be printed on 24# Capitol Bond white paper stock, which is a recycled sheet. Blank reams may be ordered through Imprints.

      3. Recycled paper should be used whenever possible for additional collateral materials.

    4. Computer-Generated Printing

      1. Official and UCSD logo stationery may be printed on laser printers, in black ink only.

        1. Unaltered artwork may be used on proper paper stock. The unofficial seal and UCSD logo are available in encapsulated postscript (EPS) format from the Communications Office on 3.5-inch disks for importing into a compatible page-layout or word processing software. (Requesting offices should provide their own disks.)

        2. Design specifications may not be altered.

      2. Reproduction by dot matrix printer or photocopier is not permitted as it significantly reduces quality.

    5. Collateral Pieces

      The University Communications Office has formatted a number of pieces of stationery collateral in both the official University of California and UCSD logo formats. These pieces can assist offices in preparing correspondence materials in a consistently professional manner. Contact University Communications for information on ordering:

        Fax Transmittal Forms
        Mailing Labels (Preprinted on Avery label stock #6547, with six labels on each sheet for use in printers or typewriters, to use with oversized envelopes and parcels. Service will be first class unless otherwise indicated on the label.)

      Other collateral pieces that have been formatted by University Communications include:

        Name tags (for use with computer printers)
        Presentation Folders
        Hang tags

    6. Ordering Stationery

      1. Only vendors who have established a local purchasing agreement with UCSD are authorized to print official stationery, UCSD logo stationery, or business cards. Letterhead and envelopes are produced via standard offset printing methods; business cards are reproduced thermographically. Contact UCSD Imprints to order stationery and business cards. Order forms for the most common stationery items may be photocopied for use in ordering stationery items. A completed order form should be attached to a Purchase Requisition and sent to Procurement Services.

      2. Foreign language translations of addresses may be printed on the backs of business cards. Requests for translations should be noted on the business card order form.