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520 - Materiel Management

Section: 520-1
Effective: 01/11/1982
Supersedes: 09/20/1976
Review: TBD
Issuance Date: 01/11/1982
Issuing Office: Materiel Management

PPM 520-1 Policy [pdf format]


I.              POLICY


The UCSD Materiel Management Department functions as a service department, and has operating responsibility for Material Distribution, Shipping/Receiving, Storehouse operations, Equipment Management, and Purchasing activities.  It has direct responsibility for the Planned Purchasing Program; and the Materiel Manager serves as Commodity Manager for those commodities assigned to the campus by the University Materiel Coordinator.




UCSD Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM)


522-Section             Inventory

523-Section             Purchasing

524-Section             Receiving and Shipping

525-Section             Subcontract Administration

526-Section             Storehouse




A.            Purchase all goods and services, except as expressly delegated to others.


B.            Receive and process incoming shipments for delivery to departments.


C.            Prepare and process outgoing shipments as required.


D.            Maintain stores in which items may be stocked for overall economy or required service.


E.            Control and insure utilization of inventorial equipment.


F.            Dispose of excess property and salvage.


G.            Implement and maintain programs consistent with University policies in all areas of Materiel Management.


1.     Issue statements to implement these policies.


2.     Submit required reports.


3.     Maintain records to substantiate compliance with University Business and Finance Bulletins and other directives from Systemwide Administration.


H.            The members of the Materiel Management Department will


1.     Accord a prompt and courteous reception to all who interact with the Department;


2.     Give all competitive quotes due consideration;

3.     Regard each transaction on its own merits;


4.     Foster and promote fair and ethical trade practices; and


5.     Subscribe to and support University programs for Affirmative Action.