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230 - Personnel-Academic

Section: 230-230
Effective: 07/01/2017
Supersedes: N/A New
Next Review Date: 07/01/2020
Issuance Date: 04/20/2020
Issuing Office: Academic Personnel Services

PPM 230-230 Policy [pdf format]



PPM 230-230, Visiting Appointments, relates to matters subject to Academic Personnel Manual (APM) Section 230, Visiting Appointments. For reference, subsections of PPM 230-230 include citations to associated subsections of the APM; in all cases, the APM is operative where referenced.


PPM 230-230-4 Definition and Policy


APM 230-4


PPM 230-230-10 Criteria


The criteria for evaluation of a candidate for appointment with a Visiting title shall be the same as for the corresponding regular title. Because the appointment is temporary, reasonable flexibility may be employed in the application of these criteria. Care should be taken to inform the appointee of the provisions of Section 230-4-d.


The departmental recommendation letter should describe clearly the special expertise that the visitor brings to the campus and should clearly state that the individual will be returning to the home institution upon completion of the visiting appointment.


PPM 230-230-14 Eligibility

APM 205-14


PPM 230-230-16 Restrictions

APM 205-16


PPM 230-230-17 Terms of Service

Each appointment or reappointment with a Visiting title shall be for a specified term not to exceed one year. The total period of consecutive service with a Visiting title shall not exceed two years, unless a longer period is approved by the Chancellor. The combined initial period of service in the Acting or Visiting Assistant Professor title and the Assistant Professor title should not exceed two years.


In the case of Visiting Assistant Professor Programs in Mathematics, the total period of consecutive service shall not exceed three years, unless a longer period is approved by the Chancellor.


PPM 230-230-18 Salary

PPM 230-230-18. a


Salaries for visitors are not restricted to the published salary scale. The salary of an appointee with a Visiting title shall be determined according to the special circumstances of the case, with due consideration given to the individualís regular salary or professional income. In some cases, it will be appropriate to separate considerations of rank from those of salary. Although no steps are assigned to Visiting appointees, the departmental recommendation letter must justify the salary level recommended.


PPM 230-230-18. b


Since the negotiated salary for an appointment to a Visiting title may take into account certain relocation expenses, it should not necessarily be regarded as the appropriate salary for any subsequent regular appointment. (Relocation expenses are not the same as travel expenses; for travel expense reimbursement to a Visiting appointee, see the provisions of APM - 230-20-h.) The salary paid may not include travel expenses but may include an amount to cover relocation expenses if the department chair and the respective Dean agree that University funding is available to cover such relocation expenses. Any relocation costs included in the salary must be justified in the departmental recommendation letter.


APM 230-18.c

APM 230-18. d


PPM 230-230-20 Conditions of Employment


APM 230-20


PPM 230-230-24 Academic File Review and Final Authority


No appointment, reappointment or academic review action is final until there has been an academic review and the individual with final authority has approved the action.


The UC San Diego Authority and Review Chart sets forth the individual(s) and/or committees responsible for review, as well as the final authority for approval.


PPM 230-230-80 Procedures


Procedural guidelines are available in the Academic Personnel Process Manual.


PPM 230-230-96 Reports


APM 230-96




July 01, 2017†††††††††††††††† This policy was made effective.


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