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230 - Personnel-Academic

Section: 230-610
Effective: 07/01/2017
Supersedes: N/A New
Next Review Date: 07/01/2020
Issuance Date: 04/28/2020
Issuing Office: Academic Personnel Services

PPM 230-610 Policy [pdf format]



PPM 230-610, Salary Increases, relates to matters subject to Academic Personnel Manual (APM) Section 610, Salary Increases. For reference, subsections of PPM 230-610 include citations to associated subsections of the APM; in all cases, the APM is operative where referenced.


PPM 230-610-0 Policy

APM 610-0


PPM 230-610-8 General Salary Increases

APM 610-8


PPM 230-610-9 Merit and Promotion Increases

APM 610-9

APM 610-9. a

APM 610-9. b

APM 610-9. c

APM 610-9. c. (1)

APM 610-9. c. (2)


PPM 230-610-9. c (3)


A fiscal-year appointee who is appointed during the period July 1 through January 1 will receive credit for one year of service at rank and step. A fiscal-year appointee who is appointed during the period January 2 through June 30 will not receive credit for that year’s service at rank and step.


PPM 230-610-14 Eligibility

APM 610-14


PPM 230-610-24 Authority


No appointment, reappointment or academic review action is final until there has been an academic review and the individual with final authority has approved the action.


The UC San Diego Authority and Review Chart sets forth the individual(s) and/or committees responsible for review, as well as the final authority for approval.


PPM 230-610-96 Reports

APM 610-96




July 1, 2017                  This policy was made effective.


April 18, 2018                Minor technical edits to update policy hyperlinks.


April 28, 2020                This policy was reviewed for gender neutral language.