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420 - Building and Space

Section: 420-3
Effective: 10/24/2011
Supersedes: 01/01/2007
Next Review Date: TBD
Issuance Date: 10/24/2011
Issuing Office: Facilities Design & Construction

PPM 420-3 Policy [pdf format]



    No demolition, construction, alteration, repair, improvement, or renovation shall be performed on university property without a Building Permit. As authorized by the Campus Building Official, Building Permits shall be approved and issued by Facilities Design and Construction (FD&C), Facilities Management (FM) or Medical Center Facilities Engineering (MCFE).


    The purpose of this policy is to regulate demolition, construction, alteration, repair, improvement and renovation activity in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of building occupants and preserve the physical assets of the University. Adherence to this policy will ensure that all demolition, construction, alteration, repair, improvement and renovation:

        A. Has been authorized by a Designated Campus Building Official.

        B. Complies with building codes and University Design Guidelines.

        C. Is limited to the scope of work in the Contract Documents and the properly executed Change Orders. The Contract Documents and Change Orders will be available for review at the worksite.

        D. Identifies the MINIMUM required inspections. Designated inspectors shall revise the required inspections indicated on the permit to account for any new or changed inspection requirements.


    The Building Permit is issued to the Contractor with the fully executed Construction Contract by Facilities Design and Construction, Facilities Management or Medical Center Facilities Engineering (Exhibit A). The required inspections are indicated by a check mark in the appropriate box on the permit. In the case of work being performed by University employees, the permit is issued along with the written approval from Facilities Design & Construction, Medical Center Facilities Engineering, or Facilities Management

(See PPM 530-9).

        A. When the scope of work requires multiple interim inspections, the interim inspections shall be noted on the back of the permit with the space of the face of the permit being reserved for the final inspection of that element of work.

        B. The inspections for Fire / Life Safety required for the Final Fire Clearance shall be indicated as acceptable by the Designated Campus Fire Marshal's sign-off under the FINAL INSPECTIONS section on the permit.

        C. Outside agencies such as Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) may have their own inspection / acceptance forms and may be unwilling to sign-off on the permit. In these cases, a copy of the outside agency's form shall be attached to the permit.

        D. Upon acknowledgement of Substantial Completion by the University Representative, and issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy by the Campus Designated Building Official, the permit with all attachments, shall be returned to Facilities Design and Construction.


    Demolition, construction, alteration, repair, improvement, and renovation activities without a Building Permit or that in any way fail to comply with the provisions of this policy may be subject to the following:

        A. A stop work notice shall be issued and unpermitted activities shall immediately be suspended.

        B. Penalties for unpermitted demolition, construction, alteration, repair, improvement, and renovation activities shall be tiered based on a number of factors including but not limited to instances of prior warnings and/or violations and the severity of the violation. All demolition, construction, alteration, repair, improvement, and renovation must adhere to building and contract codes including CA Public Contract Code 10500 (Stull Act)

            -First offense - 14 days suspension of work

            -Second offense - 28 days suspension of work

            -Third offense - indefinite suspension

        C. For any violation of the Building Permit Policy, the appropriate Vice Chancellor will be notified. The violator may be subject to a progressive discipline process.

            -Department will be held accountable for all costs related to restoring the affected area to its original condition or for completion of the project in compliance with the permitted process if the Designated Building Official, in his or her sole discretion, that restoration is not a prudent course of action, including all inspections, administrative and related costs.

            -Monetary fine may be assessed in the amount of 10% of the cost of the work up to $50,000 (or more depending on the severity of the violation).

        D. In addition, there may be criminal liability as follows:

            -Criminal prosecution for any violations of the California Building Code (CBC)

            -Personal liability for any accidents or injuries as a result of unauthorized construction.