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420 - Building and Space

Section: 420-5
Effective: 05/01/1997
Supersedes: Not Applicable
Next Review Date: TBD
Issuance Date: 05/01/1997
Issuing Office: Campus Planning Office

PPM 420-5 Policy [pdf format]



UCSD Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM)

510-1 Use of University Properties

  1. Areas Included

  2. Undeveloped lands include those parcels of currently undeveloped land which are designated for future development (see Exhibit A.) For purposes of this policy, lands within the UCSD Park are not considered undeveloped lands.

  3. Allowable Temporary Uses

  4. The following temporary uses are allowed on undeveloped lands:

    1. Parking of passenger vehicles, for a duration no longer than two consecutive weeks, or six cumulative weeks annually for any individual user.

    2. Construction storage, staging and contractor parking for University construction projects, for the duration of the project.

    3. Non-profit public service recycling and environmental health & safety activities (e.g., collection of hazardous materials, Christmas tree and telephone book recycling, etc.), for a duration of no longer than six weeks.

    4. Temporary staging or processing of refuse or recyclable materials in connection with Physical Plant Services operations, including but not limited to trash collection and landscaping/mulching operations, for a duration of no longer than six weeks.

    5. Activities associated with academic and research programs, for a duration not longer than six cumulative weeks annually for any individual user.

    6. Emergency preparedness planning and staging for major disasters.

    7. On rare occasions, other requests may be approved by the Chancellor. Factors to be considered include: 1) whether the requested use will have an overriding benefit to the University; 2) whether the use would not compete with similiar uses in the surrounding community; and 3) whether the request is based on necessity rather than convenience.

    The University may assess fees which it deems appropriate for the proposed type of use.


  • Review of requests for use of undeveloped lands which involve any external organizations shall be coordinated by the Real Estate Development Office. Review of requests for use of undeveloped lands by campus organizations shall be coordinated by Physical Planning. The Vice Chancellor-Resource Management and Planning, may approve or deny requests for use of undeveloped land under Sections II.B.1.-6. For requests under Sections II.B.1-6 within the Scripps Insitution of Oceanography (SIO) campus, the Vice Chancellor-Resource Management and Planning and the Vice Chancellor-Marine Sciences shall jointly approve or deny the request.

    Any request for use of undeveloped land pursuant to Section II.B.7. above shall be subject to an initial review by Physical Planning and Real Estate Development to determine whether the request complies with other University criteria and policy. Qualifying requests shall then be reviewed by the Campus/Community Planning Committee, and by the Marine Sciences Physical Planning Committee where applicable. Recommendations shall be referred to the Chancellor for a final determination.