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510 - Use of University Properties

Section: 510-1 Section I
Effective: 04/01/1981
Supersedes: Not Applicable
Next Review Date: TBD
Issuance Date: 04/01/1981
Issuing Office: Business Office

PPM 510-1 Section I Policy [pdf format]


  1. Scope

    For the purposes of these policies and regulations adopted pursuant to them, a University property is any University-owned, -operated, or -maintained property, including all University grounds and structures. (Systemwide Policy, January 1979)

    1. University Properties: Spaces, grounds, equipment and services of the University.

      These campus regulations are subject to the definitions and provisions of the Systemwide policies which are reproduced below. They provide authorization for the use of University properties, establish specific procedures for the use of these facilities and enumerate regulations that apply to the registration of student, faculty, and staff organizations.

      The use of University properties not authorized herein is prohibited, except that these regulations do not affect cooperative facility-use relationships already established between governmental agencies and the University. The primary purposes of these regulations are to promote the effective use of the San Diego campus properties, to clarify what is meant by "acceptable standards of campus conduct", and to encourage opportunities for association among students, faculty, and staff within the intellectual environment of the University.

      All references in this PPM to the University of California, San Diego, the San Diego campus, etc. include the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the University of California, San Diego Medical Center (University Hospital and Clinics).