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510 - Use of University Properties

Section: 510-1 Section V
Effective: 05/30/1990
Supersedes: 04/01/1981
Next Review Date: TBD
Issuance Date: 05/30/1990
Issuing Office: University Communications and Public Affairs

PPM 510-1 Section V Policy [pdf format]


A.    Definition


The purpose of the Master Calendar for UCSD Events is to provide a comprehensive summary of campus events, programs, seminars, and other activities that are open to the campus community or public.  Calendar information will be available to the campus community and the general public, as appropriate.


All campus units are encouraged to consult the Master Calendar while planning events to minimize conflicts.  This computerized system will be accessible to campus units and will facilitate dissemination of event information.


B.    Administration


University academic and administrative units, employee organizations, and support groups must  calendar through the University Communications Office, x43120, S‑038.  Publicity cannot be released until the event has been confirmed with the Master Calendar.


Undergraduate Affairs units, Student Organizations, and recognized student related groups (Associated Students, college councils & governments, residence hall boards, etc.) must calendar through the University Events & Student Activities Office (UE&SA) located in the Price Center, 3rd floor, x44090, Q‑078.


C.    Procedures


A UCSD Event Calendar Form (\f2Exhibit A\f1) must be submitted in order for the event to be included on the Master Calendar.  Forms are available from University Communications or UE&SA.


D.    Sponsor Responsibilities


It is the responsibility of the sponsoring unit, group, or organization that calendars the event to comply with University policies and procedures including those PPM sections referenced below:


Advertisement posting   510‑1 XII

Alcohol 510‑1 XIII

Budget Preparation

Contracts          350‑10

Facility Reservations     510‑1 IV

Food and Beverage       516‑5.2


Fund Raising     510‑1 XI

Parking 545‑2

Publicity/Promotion       510‑1 XII

Outdoor Sound 510‑1 IX

Security            510‑1 V-A



Tickets/Cash Handling   300‑21, 300‑20

Vendors            510‑1 IX


It is the responsibility of the sponsor to notify University Communications or University Events and Student Activities (UE&SA) immediately when a change or cancellation has been made.


The sponsor accepts full responsibility for costs incurred for the event including security and any damage to the facility.


E.    Facilities


Facility managers are required to inform sponsors of their responsibilities for hosting events.  Student organizations and student related groups must have completed a UCSD Events Calendar Form before facilities are confirmed.