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10 - Campus Organization

Section: 10-7
Effective: 10/26/1981
Supersedes: 11/17/1980
Next Review Date: TBD
Issuance Date: 10/26/1981
Issuing Office: Policy and Records Administration

PPM 10-7 Policy [pdf format]



    1. Regents Item 509 of October 13, 1976

    2. Chancellor's Charge Letter of July 12, 1977


    1. The general provisions for collection of student fees by each educational institution and the use of such fees to cover the cost of non-instructional services to students are contained in the Master Plan for Higher Education in California and Regents Item 509 of October 13, 1976. It is incumbent on each campus to conform as closely as possible with the intent of the Master Plan and Item 509, and to develop definitions of student fees and services consistent with these until more precise guidelines are established.

    2. The Vice Chancellor-Undergraduate Affairs will appoint annually a committee to be advisory to him/her for the purpose of evaluating and coordinating proposals utilizing Registration Fee income and associated funding. The Registration Fee Committee will ensure that the proposed uses of the Registration Fee are in the best interests of the University and its students and in compliance with existing guidelines. The Registration Fee Advisory Committee will make its overall annual program recommendations to the Vice Chancellor-Undergraduate Affairs. After consultation with the Registration Fee Committee, the Vice Chancellor will forward the approved budget to the Chancellor.


    1. Membership

      1. The membership of the committe shall consist of seven students, five University staff or faculty, and a non-voting budget consultant from the Vice Chancellor-Undergraduate Affairs staff.

      2. The Vice Cahncellor-Undergraduate Affairs shall appoint a chair, who shall be a student member. It is necessary that the chair have previously served on the commitee, and he/she should be selected by the prior year's committee members.

      3. Collegial appointments shall consist of a Provost selected by the Council of Provosts, and one student member from each college selected by the college government.

      4. One student member shall be selected by the Associated Students of UCSD, and one student member shall be seleceted by the Graduate Student Council.

      5. One faculty or staff member shall be appointed by the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research and the Vice Chancellor-Health Sciences and Dean, School of Medicine.

      6. One staff member shall be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor-Undergraduate Affairs.

      7. One faculty member shall be appointed by the Vice Chancellor-Undergradute Affairs.

      8. One member from the Resource Management Office shall be appointed by the Chancellor

      9. Occasional consultants to the committee shall be drawn from the campus at large and shall include the heads of the various Undergraduate Affairs units, the College Deans, the Vice Chancellor-Undergraduate Affairs Staff, the Associated Students President, the Graduate Student Council Chair, and the Student Affirmative Action Advisory Committee Chair.

      10. The executive secretary shall be a member of the Vice Chancellor-Undergraduate Affairs staff

    2. Meetings

      1. The chair shall call the committee together as soon as practicable after the beginning of the fall quarter.

      2. Meetings shall be called as often as considered necessary by the chair for the review and consideration of proposals for the expenditure of Registration Fee funds.

      3. For voting purposes a quorum shall consist of eight members.

      4. As a minimum, meetings and major tasks will be scheduled as follows:

        1. September-October

          Establish committee guidelines for the review of program proposals and the development and coordination of annual programs. Review any unresolved or urgent current year needs, and recommend the allocation of funds still available.

        2. October-December

          Review Regents' Budget and Target Budget, projected expenditures, and revised income estimates. Ascertain Operational Program Reserves and Capital Improvement Program needs for the forthcoming year and target year, including consideration of long-range needs in the period beyond the target year. Determine related funding requirements.

        3. January-March

          Within projected available income, recommend forthcoming year and target year allocations for all programs. Recommend capital outlay programs for the forthcoming year and target year.

        4. April-June

          Consider recommendations for level of fee for forthcoming years and make recommendations as to committee function.

    3. Priorities and Limitations of Fee Use

      1. A sufficient reserve shall be established and maintained to meet projected debt service obligations, salary reserve requirements, and capital needs if appropriate.

      2. Recommendations for expenditures of funds may be made for projects or programs within accepted definitions of Undergraduate Affairs services and programs.

    4. Committee Guidelines

      Each member will be furnished with material containing the following:

      1. Description of committee tasks.

      2. Current year schedule of meetings.

      3. Program definitions, format, reports, and evaluations.

      4. Income/expenditure budget data.

      5. Other information pertinent to the committee function upon request.

    5. Submission of Proposals

      1. The various Undergraduate Affairs units will submit an annual budget incorporating all requests for funding and resources.

      2. After analysis and consultation, the committee will prepare a draft of budget recommendations and submit any proposed changes to the affected cluster directors.

      3. In March the Registration Fee Advisory Committee's final recommended operating budget will be forwarded to the Vice Chancellor-Undergraduate Affairs who will submit it to the Chancellor with the approved budget.

      4. No allocations or reallocations of Registration Fee funds which deviate from the approved budget or allocation of Registration Fee relief funds from other sources shall be made by the Vice Chancellor-Undergraduate Affairs or the Chancellor without prior committee consultation and advice.