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130 - I&R Services

Section: 130-1.1
Effective: 02/22/1989
Supersedes: 03/03/1975
Next Review Date: TBD
Issuance Date: 02/22/1989
Issuing Office: Office of Learning Resources

PPM 130-1.1 Policy [pdf format]


I.                REFERENCES


A.            Chancellor's Notice of October 22, 1974, regarding Audio-Visual Services


II.                BACKGROUND


The Office of Learning Resources (OLR), University of California, San Diego, was originally established to offer services in support of instruction and research in the School of Medicine. Over the years, these services have been extended to the campus.


III.                POLICY


A.            General


The Office of Learning Resources is responsible for:


1.     Providing materials and services in support of teaching and research to faculty, students and staff of the School of Medicine and the general campus.


2.     Reviewing and coordinating the procurement of instructional equipment for the School of Medicine.


3.     Providing counsel and assistance to faculty engaged in the production of teaching materials.


4.     Providing all services required for off-campus transmission of television programs originating from UCSD.


5.     Providing the support for the production of instructional television programming on campus except for microteaching requirements.


B.            Service Limits and Costs


Services provided for School of Medicine “core” instruction are recharged to the various course budgets. Costs for other services to all campus requestors are recovered through recharge.


C.            Priorities


Priorities for all service requests are handled on a first-come, first-served basis except when excessive workloads necessitate primary consideration be given to immediate teaching needs.


IV.                ADMINISTRATION


A.            GENERAL


1.     The Office of Learning Resources is under the administrative direction of the Vice Chancellor, Health Sciences.


2.     All matters relating to policy, staff, facilities and budget are the direct responsibility of the Director for Learning Resources.


B.            Organization (See 130-1.0, Organization Chart)


1.     OLR is divided into three major divisions


a.       Instructional Services


b.      Media Production


c.       Research and Development Shops


1.      Machine Shop


2.      Electronics Shop


2.      Each major division is subdivided into service units, according to function and location.


3.      For specific information regarding divisional organization, units, and services, see individual description listed under 130-1.2.


4.      Requests for services and pickup are managed in the individual units.


C.            Hours of Operation


Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Services required outside of normal working hours can be arranged by contacting the respective unit. The administrative office is located in room 1102, Basic Science Building, and telephone extensions of service units are shown on the Supplements to PPM 130-1.2.