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200 - Personnel-General

Section: 200-1
Effective: 06/08/1962
Supersedes: Not Applicable
Next Review Date: TBD
Issuance Date: 06/08/1962
Issuing Office: Chancellor's Office

PPM 200-1 Policy [pdf format]


Effective immediately, and in accordance with Chapter II, Section 114-13 of the University of California Administrative Manual, all matters related to sponsorship of immigration, obtaining visas for students, faculty and research personnel and change of status of nonimmigrant students and staff will be handled by, and coordinated with, the foreign student advisor under the direction of the dean of the Graduate Division--through June 30, 1962-- and under the direction of the recently appointed dean of student affairs, Dr. Theodore Forbes, effective July 1, 1962.

Accordingly, I wish to ask the cooperation of all faculty and staff in the handling of "peculiar" situations, such as may prevail in SIO and also in SS&E, and also that they cooperate fully in routine matters, as well.

This definition of responsibility in the area of noncitizen immigration affairs is necessary so that the centralization of all such activity can be successfully effected. It should be also noted that all processing of papers relative to these various matters and maintenance of files for this data will be the responsibility of the foreign student advisor and your cooperation in assuring that copies of all correspondence, etc., originating from, or coming into, your areas are routed to the foreign student advisor.

Signed by:

Herbert York

cc: Foreign Student Advisor