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230 - Personnel-Academic

Section: 230-3
Effective: 11/22/1982
Supersedes: Not Applicable
Next Review Date: TBD
Issuance Date: 11/04/2021
Issuing Office: Academic Personnel Services

PPM 230-3 Policy [pdf format]


I.       POLICY


University policy stipulates that academic deans shall be reviewed "as early as the beginning of the fifth year of service . . . and not later than the beginning of the seventh year . . ." (Academic Personnel Manual, Section 240).


At UCSD, the above policy shall apply to academic vice chancellors, deans, provosts, associate and assistant deans and the Deputy Director of SIO. Reviews shall be conducted during the appointee's fifth year of service, and where applicable, every fifth year thereafter. Reviews earlier than during the fifth year of service may be conducted at the request of the Chancellor.




A.    The Chancellor (or  designee) shall request from the Committee on Committees a slate of nominees from which to will appoint an ad hoc committee to review the incumbent's performance.


B.    The committee normally will comprise 6-8 members. The faculty members of the committee, appointed from the slate nominated by the Committee on Committees shall comprise at least two-thirds of the membership. The Chancellor (or designee) may appoint additional members, including one or two undergraduates or graduate students as appropriate. The Chancellor (or designee) shall designate the chair of the committee from the Committee on Committees’ slate.


C.    The membership of the committee shall not be confidential, but the committee's deliberations shall be considered confidential, and its report shall be forwarded only to the Chancellor, through the relevant Vice Chancellor.


D.    Normally, the committee will be appointed by the Chancellor (or designee) in the Fall Quarter of the fifth year of service so that its report can be submitted by the end of the Winter Quarter.


E.     Committee  Report


1.     The report should contain opinions and evaluations from department chairs, faculty, students, staff, and (where relevant) outside referees. It should address such matters as administration  of personnel, financial resources, student matters, curricula, and support activities; fostering  of affirmative action objectives; effective leadership within the unit, with campus and system wide units, and with the community.


2.     The committee may conduct interviews or solicit written opinions and may include a summary of these in their report.


3.     The report should contain a recommendation regarding the incumbent's continuation in the position based on the committee's assessment of the needs of the unit and its potential, and the administrator's success in meeting those needs and reaching that potential, and whether the administrator has maintained the high standards expected in the University of California.


F.     The relevant Vice Chancellor shall add to the file written comments and evaluations, as well as a recommendation regarding continuation in the position.


G.    The Chancellor shall submit the committee report and any Vice Chancellor's evaluation and recommendation to the Committee on Academic Personnel for comment.


H.    The Chancellor shall meet, where applicable, with the Vice Chancellor-Academic Affairs, the Vice Chancellor-Health Sciences, or Vice Chancellor-Marine Sciences to discuss the report and the preliminary decision regarding continuance in the position.


I.       The Chancellor and the relevant Vice Chancellor shall meet with the incumbent to discuss the findings and evaluations of reviewers. The Chancellor (or designee) shall inform the incumbent of the preliminary decision, and the incumbent shall have the opportunity to respond to this preliminary decision either at this first meeting or at a later meeting (time to be designated by the Chancellor or designee). The incumbent may request and be given a written summary of the report and evaluations. Following the final decision, the Chancellor (or designee) will send a memorandum to the appropriate individuals to inform them of the action taken.




The Chancellor has delegated authority to review associate and assistant deans and the Deputy Director of SIO to the relevant Vice Chancellor.




November 22, 1982             This policy was made effective.


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