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400 - Public Affairs

Section: 400-2
Effective: 03/12/2021
Supersedes: 02/07/2018
Next Review Date: 03/12/2024
Issuance Date: 03/16/2021
Issuing Office: University Communications

PPM 400-2 Policy [pdf format]




This policy applies to all UC San Diego employees and students at UC San Diego locations, including campuses and medical center facilities. This policy applies to all publications published by any unit of UC San Diego.





It is the policy of UC San Diego that materials published by the University display a consistent look and feel, as defined in the Brand Guidelines, and shall carry the University name and/or logo.









A.    Externally Disseminated Publications


To support consistent positioning of UC San Diego in the higher education and research markets, publications and related materials that will be disseminated outside the campus must be reviewed and approved by University Communications. Units publishing for external audiences shall present or submit publications electronically to facilitate review.


Publications to be reviewed include those for distribution to alumni, prospective students, and other external audiences, including:


1.     Recruitment publications for prospective students, staff, and faculty

2.     The General Catalog and other catalogs

3.     Annual reports

4.     Admissions packets published by the Office of Enrollment Management

5.     Financial aid publications

6.     Divisional, departmental, program, and other academic publications, including academic medicine publications

7.     Conference brochures and programs

8.     Campus recreation and athletics department publications

9.     Alumni and Advancement publications

10.  Maps

11.  Advertisements and media buys: print, TV, radio, billboard and out of home; and digital/social, including AdWords and search

12.  All external agency- or freelance-sourced marketing and communication assets, such as: graphic design, video production, still photography, media plans and placements, social and/or digital marketing, email marketing, social media consulting, web development, marketing plans and copywriting

13.  Apparel, merchandise, promotional items and other collateral)

14.  publications for use by the public


B.    Internally Disseminated Publications


Units are not required to obtain University Communications review and approval of publications intended solely for on-campus use, but units are required to observe UC San Diego’s brand guidelines. Units are encouraged to engage with University Communications for guidance as needed.


Internally disseminated publications include:


1.     Publications related to on-campus services intended for use by students and staff.

2.     Publications of the Personnel Office, Bookstore, Housing and Dining, Student Health and Wellbeing, Human Resources, and Physical Plant office.

3.     College handbooks.

4.     Orientation brochures and publications intended for use by current students.


University Communications is available for limited consultation or production services for publications intended for both external and on-campus audiences.


C.    The Academic Senate is charged with supervising copy pertaining to the academic programs contained in the General Catalog.




The format and overall design of publications will be determined by their purpose, but will also reflect a relationship to one another, and thus to the campus.


The language, design, and overall quality of all publications bearing the name of the campus should reflect the campus’s standard of excellence.


1.     The official UC San Diego logo (or a sub-brand logo approved by University Communications) will appear on the front and back covers of all printed UC San Diego publications; at the beginning and end of all UC San Diego videos; and at the top and bottom of all UC San Diego webpages, except where it is substituted as below:


a.     Publications related to Chancellor initiatives which may use the UC San Diego seal.

b.     Publications related to the UC San Diego Health clinical operations, which should follow the appropriate UC San Diego Health brand guidelines.

c.     Publications related to The Preuss School UC San Diego, which may use The Preuss School logo.

d.     Publications related to UC San Diego Athletics, which should follow the UC San Diego Athletics brand guidelines.


2.     Other specifications are detailed on the campus brand guidelines website: http://brand.ucsd.edu.







1.     Uphold brand consistency in materials published by the campus.

2.     Revise and upkeep campus brand guidelines and resources.

3.     Review unit materials and externally disseminated publications.





1.     Adhere to campus brand guidelines in published materials.

2.     Align with approved campus positioning and messaging.

3.     Maintain a high level of quality and presentation in the materials.

4.     Submit proposed publications and related materials to University Communications when appropriate and when required by this Policy.





In-person review: Present your marketing strategy and creative concept to University Communications leadership for review and discussion in a meeting. This process is appropriate for larger units with ongoing marketing efforts or for review of multiple “campaigns” managed by a single unit. 

Email review: Submit your marketing material to University Communications via email or form. This process is appropriate for specialized, unique or updated marketing efforts.






Email University Communications to schedule a review meeting or submit your materials via the Marketing Review submission form.


Visit https://pulse.ucsd.edu/ for brand guidelines related to UC San Diego Health.





A.     President's Directive, 1/20/65


B.     Academic Senate Bylaw 170C, Academic Freedom


C.    Academic Senate Bylaw 200(A)(6), Educational Policy


D.    UC SAN DIEGO Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM)

20-1 Campus Announcements, Directives, Memoranda, Publications





Resource: UC San Diego Brand Guidelines


UC San Diego Health Marketing and Communications maintains a set of guidelines for use by the clinical health enterprises. Visit https://pulse.ucsd.edu for more information.





January 3, 1967   This policy was originally issued


January 5, 1976   This policy was revised and reissued.


June 1, 1984        This policy was revised and reissued.


February 7, 2018 This policy was revised and reformatted to conform to revised UCOP and campus brand guidelines.


March 12, 2021   This policy was routinely reviewed (3 year review). Updates include policy name change and substantive language edits relating to a new marketing and approval system. General formatting edits were made.