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516 - Environment, Health & Safety

Section: 516-23
Effective: 03/01/2011
Supersedes: 05/01/1998
Next Review Date: TBD
Issuance Date: TBD
Issuing Office: Environment, Health & Safety

PPM 516-23 Policy [pdf format]


      I.        REFERENCES


A.    Air Resources Board (ARB)


B.    California Code of Regulations


C.    California Department of Public Health Radiological Health Branch
Title 17 of the California Code of Regulations, Chapter 5


D.    California Health and Safety Code


E.    California Occupational Safety and Health Act (Cal-OSHA)


F.    Department of Toxic Substances & Control (DTSC)


G.    Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


H.    Federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA)


I.      State Water Resources Control Board


J.     U.S. Department of Transportation
Title 49 of the Federal Code of Regulations, Parts 100-185


K.    U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Title 21 of the Federal Code of Regulations, Parts 361


L.     U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC)
Title 10 of the Federal Code of Regulations, Pars 20-39


    II.        POLICY


It is University policy to comply with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations relating to environment, health, and safety issues.


The office of Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) consults with federal, state, and local regulatory and advisory agencies relative to health and safety problems of mutual concern for action or referral to the proper administrative authority.




                A.        EH&S is designated as the official campus office for contact or coordination with any agency having interests or jurisdiction affecting the University in the fields of environment, health and safety.


                B.        Officials from regulatory agencies who present themselves at a UCSD facility for the purpose of making inspections or surveys, shall be referred to EH&S for notification and authorization to proceed. The State Fire Marshal's Office, local Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureaus, Cal/OSHA, DEA, Cal-EPA, USDA-APHIS, NIH OBA, state and local health services are examples of agencies whose personnel should be referred to EH&S.


                C.        Information relative to the licenses or licensing requirements of the following agencies and activities is available from EH&S.


                             1.        Division of Occupational Safety and Health, State of California: Information relative to licensing elevators, boilers, pressure vessels, and carcinogens.


                             2.        California Department of Public Health, Radiologic Health Branch: Licensing and registration of all radioactive materials and radiation producing machines used in teaching, research, and health care.


                             3.        San Diego Air Pollution Control Board: Permits for maintaining incinerators, boilers, paint spray booths, emergency generators, and auto emissions.


                D.        If information or consultation from an outside regulatory agency involving environment, health, and safety issues is desired by any administrative unit, the request should be routed through EH&S.


                E.        Responses to "citations" or other regulatory action should be routed through EH&S.



                A.        Environment, Health & Safety


EH&S shall be responsible for accompanying representatives of regulatory agencies during inspections of University facilities and in initiating contacts with authorized departmental representatives.


                B.        Departmental


The department or administrative authority most closely involved in the action shall receive and be responsible for abatement of any citations, fines, or other notices from regulatory agencies. EH&S shall immediately be notified of any such contacts or correspondence.