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516 - Environment, Health & Safety

Section: 516-6
Effective: 07/27/2010
Supersedes: 05/01/1998
Next Review Date: TBD
Issuance Date: 07/27/2010
Issuing Office: Environment, Health & Safety

PPM 516-6 Policy [pdf format]



    1.  California Code of Regulations, Title 8, General Industry Safety Orders

    2.  UCSD Confined Space: An Employee's Guide to the Hazards Within


    It is the policy of the University that employees and supervisors strictly follow the entry guidelines as stated in the UCSD Confined Space: An Employee's Guide to the Hazards Within booklet when working in a space which has all of the following characteristics:

    • limited openings for entry and exit
    • hazardous atmosphere and/or poor natural ventilation
    • not designed for continuous human occupancy


      Employees and supervisors must follow the steps outlined on the Blink Website “Confined Space Program” and in the publication "UCSD Confined Space: An Employee's Guide to the Hazards Within" before entering known or suspected confined spaces:


      1. Supervisor

        1. Be familiar with the confined space locations and procedures described in the UCSD Confined Space: An Employee's Guide to the Hazards Within.

        2. Limit confined space entry to employees who have attended a Confined Space Entry training class. Mandate the use of a buddy system when assigning tasks involving confined space entry.

        3. Ensure that the employees have the necessary safety equipment in good working condition (oxygen/combustible/toxic air monitor, ventilator, radio communication, winch, harness, etc.).

        4. Ensure that the appropriate permit/log is filled out correctly and filed.

      2. Employee

        1. Attend a Confined Space Entry class and follow the proper entry procedures.

        2. Review the UCSD Confined Space: An Employees's Guide to the Hazards Within booklet.

        3. Be familiar with the operation of the safety equipment needed for confined space entry. Inspect and maintain them routinely.

        4. Fill out the appropriate Entry Permit/Log.

        5. Inform supervisor before and after entering confined spaces.

        6. Use a buddy system each time a confined space is entered.

        7. Notify supervisor of any unusual confined spaces or unusual circumstances which would jeopardize the employee's well being.

      3. Environment, Health and Safety Office

        1. Assist departments and employees in the identification of confined space locations.

        2. Present in-service educational programs.

        3. Perform additional on-site atmospheric tests in spaces with measurable hazardous air contaminants or conditions.

        4. Audit departments for compliance with the UCSD Confined Space Program.

        5. Advise UCSD employees on interpretation of applicable codes and compliance measures to ensure that all work being performed is in conformance with occupational safety requirements.

        6. EH&S has the authority to issue cease and desist orders for any operations involving confined space entry which are deemed unsafe.