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524 - Receiving & Shipping

Section: 524-2
Effective: 12/01/1992
Supersedes: 04/05/1979
Next Review Date: TBD
Issuance Date: 12/01/1992
Issuing Office: Material Support Services

PPM 524-2 Policy [pdf format]


I.              POLICY


A.            Receipt of Incoming Shipments


Material and equipment purchased and consigned to the University is received by Material Distribution (Receiving). Packages are verified, inspected for damage and bills of lading endorsed with notations for irregularities. Proper addresses are required on material.


B.            Proper Address for Packages Going to Receiving

(8655 Production Ave)


Advise the vendor to address the package(s) in the following format. Include all information.


UCSD, Name of Person

SHIP TO CODE, Purchase Order #

Bldg. Room #

8655 Production Ave

San Diego, CA 92121


C.            Proper Address for Priority Packages Going Directly to the Campus

(Bypassing UCSD Material Distribution-Receiving)


UCSD, Name of Person, Your Phone number

SHIP TO CODE, Purchase Order #

Bldg., Room #

9500 Gilman Drive, Mail Code #

La Jolla, CA 92093-0624


II.            PROCEDURES


A.            Low and High Value Orders


Material received on low and high value orders is identified through information available on packing slip, label, IFIS and processed for next day delivery.


B.            University Purchase Orders


Goods ordered on a University Purchase Order require a "SHIP TO CODE". A Ship to Code is a number assigned to a specific delivery location. Material Distribution assigns SHIP TO CODES upon request. The following information is necessary to obtain a code:


      1. Bldg. and Room # where you want goods delivered
      2. Contact Name
      3. Mailcode
      4. Phone number


The SHIP TO CODE is required in conjunction with a correct address. The SHIP TO CODE does not replace an actual address. A full campus address must be provided to the vendor when placing an order.


C.            Priority Orders


Orders are considered "Priority" when a priority courier such as Federal Express, Airborne, Emery, UPS- NEXT DAY, etc. is utilized.


Packages that are of a perishable nature, require special handling, or refrigeration should be directed to the department location bypassing UCSD Receiving Area. This will avoid any delays and ensure against spoilage of perishable items. (See Section I.C. for proper addressing information.)


If your priority item is delivered to UCSD Receiving (Production Ave), it will be appropriately stored according to instructions on the outside label and will be delivered to its final destination the day AFTER it is received. (NOTE: This will delay your package 24 hours.)


D.            Drug Orders


Drug orders are logged and a four part Controlled Substance delivery form is attached to the package. Departments are notified when item is available for pick up at one of the following locations.



UCSD Campus drug orders are delivered to Mail Services for disposition.



UCSD Medical Center drug orders are delivered to the UCSD Pharmacy for disposition.


E.            Radioactive Orders



Radioactive shipments are received, logged and picked up by Environment, Health, and Safety (EH&S) daily for delivery to campus.



Radioactive shipments are received, logged and picked up by EH&S for clearance. After UCSD Medical Center radioactive packages are cleared by EH&S they are returned to Material Distribution for delivery the following day.