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524 - Receiving & Shipping

Section: 524-3
Effective: 12/01/1992
Supersedes: 04/05/1979
Next Review Date: TBD
Issuance Date: 12/01/1992
Issuing Office: Material Support Services

PPM 524-3 Policy [pdf format]
PPM 524-3 Exhibit A [pdf format]


I.              POLICY


Provides for daily transport and delivery of material and equipment to department users located on and off the campus. Operation is in accordance with Federal, State and University directives.


II.            PROCEDURES


A.            Incoming Material


Receiving and UCSD Storehouse Special Order material is loaded onto trucks at Receiving the day after the item is received and is transported to department users at UCSD locations.


B.            UCSD Storehouse Material


UCSD Storehouse stock orders and compressed gas orders are delivered the day after the order is placed, (if order is placed by 3:30 daily). Special Orders take 2 to 5 working days to be delivered from the vendor.


C.            Live Animals


Live animal orders are directed to the appropriate Animal Resource location on the campus. Receiving has no facilities for holding live animals.


D.            Drugs and Radioactive Material


      1. Drug Orders


UCSD Campus drug orders are picked up at Receiving by Material Distribution drivers and delivered to UCSD Mail Services for disposition. UCSD Medical Center drugs are delivered to the UCSD Medical Center Pharmacy for disposition. Departments are notified to pick up their items.


      1. Radioactive Material


        1. UCSD Campus


Environment, Health, and Safety (EH&S) picks up radioactive material daily at Receiving for clearance and disbursement to campus.


        1. UCSD Medical Center


Radioactive shipments are picked up by EH&S for clearance. Items are returned to Material Distribution for delivery the following day.


E.            Perishable Material


Material is retrieved from appropriate storage (freezer, refrigerator, etc.) and is loaded onto trucks for delivery the day AFTER it is received. In order for departments to obtain their perishable/priority package the same day the following options are available.

      1. Have perishable/priority goods sent directly to your department location, bypassing UCSD Material Distribution-Receiving. See PPM 524-2, Receiving Procedures, Section I. Policy, for proper addressing of direct deliveries.
      1. Same day pick up by customers. Call Receiving at 536-3246 to verify package has arrived.


      1. Call Messenger Service at campus extension x42774 to arrange a pick up. Messenger Service recharges for this service. Call for rates.


F.            Special Shipments


Large and heavy shipments of material and equipment is coordinated with departments to ensure smooth and efficient delivery. Shipments of large and unusual size may require the services of Moving Services or an outside moving company. Receiving contacts Departments to request type of handling, delivery time and delivery location.


G.            Shipments and Return Material


Delivery personnel pick up material for UCSD Material Distribution-Shipping and UCSD Storehouse daily.


1.     Shipping


Each shipment; foreign, domestic, vendor return or damaged material, must be accompanied by a completed UCSD Shipping Memo (FO#2089), Exhibit A. Place UCSD Shipping Memo in an envelope and tape it to the box.


2.     UCSD Storehouse Returns


All UCSD Storehouse returns must be accompanied by a copy of the Storehouse Requisition so that proper credit is applied. A Shipping Memo is not necessary for Storehouse returns.


3.     Call 536-2430 for next day pickup.


H.            Accountability


All material delivered by Material Distribution requires a signature on a delivery sheet by authorized department personnel. Initials and abbreviations of signatures are not acceptable. Additional printing of last name may be required if handwriting is not legible.


EXHIBIT A                                   UCSD SHIPPING MEMO