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524 - Receiving & Shipping

Section: 524-7
Effective: 12/01/1992
Supersedes: 04/05/1979
Next Review Date: TBD
Issuance Date: 12/01/1992
Issuing Office: Material Support Services

PPM 524-7 Policy [pdf format]
PPM 524-7 Exhibit A [pdf format]


I.              POLICY


To provide for the recovery of funds due to freight damages, losses and overcharges to campus departments through investigation, documentation and submission of claims against responsible carriers.


II.            PROCEDURES


A.            Freight Damage


Four types of transportation claims recoverable from a transportation carrier are; visible damage, concealed damage, known loss and concealed loss.


      1. Receiving files all claims that involve receipt or shipment of material.


      1. Departments report shortages or damage of material immediately by calling 536-3248. Departments request pick up of damaged material and complete a UCSD Shipping Memo (FO#2089), Exhibit A, outlining all pertinent facts. The item and UCSD Shipping Memo are picked up by Material Distribution.


      1. The damaged material and packaging must be retained for inspection by the carrier claim inspector.


      1. Claims for concealed damage must be filed within 15 days and claims with damage exceptions must be filed within 90 days.


      1. The repair of damaged goods is made at the departments' expense and an invoice of repair is submitted to Receiving for inclusion with the claim.


      1. Material received damaged that is covered by University Risk Insurance is reported to the Insurance Risk Office and a claim filed against the delivering carrier. Partial payment by the carrier will result in filing a claim with the University Insurance Program for the remaining balance of the claim. Material Distribution keeps departments informed on the status of claim and maintains record of damage claims.


B.            Loss of Material


Shortages of material from the carrier is notated on the carrier's freight bill and certified by the carrier driver and Receiving personnel.


C.            Freight Overcharges


Departments that are overcharged on freight should contact Material Distribution. Material Distribution files a claim against the carrier for recovery of funds.




EXHIBIT A                                                    UCSD SHIPPING MEMO