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524 - Receiving & Shipping

Section: 524-8
Effective: 12/01/1992
Supersedes: 04/05/1979
Next Review Date: TBD
Issuance Date: 12/01/1992
Issuing Office: Material Support Services

PPM 524-8 Policy [pdf format]



I.              POLICY


Material Distribution adheres to safety policies when handling hazardous and restricted material. Compliance with current Federal, State and University regulatory directives. Ref. Code of Federal Regulations Title 49- Transportation, parts 100-199.


II.            PROCEDURES


Material Distribution is responsible for receipt and transportation of hazardous and restricted material to campus users. Material in this category can be classified into the following: radioactive material, Drugs, explosives (class A-B and C), flammable liquid, combustible liquid, flammable solids, oxidizers, compressed gases, poisons (class A and B), irritant material (formerly class C poison), etiologic agent, and cryogenic material.


A.            Radioactive Material


Material Distribution receives all incoming radioactive material, processes and holds for daily pick up by Environment, Health, and Safety Office for disposition.


Receiving personnel involved in handling or transporting radioactive material are issued radioactive dosimetry equipment. The Radiation Safety Officer furnishes the Receiving Manager a periodic Dosimetry Report listing personnel and level of exposure, if any.


B.            Drugs


Special attention is given to the receipt, handling and delivery of drugs/controlled substances.


Incoming drug orders are logged and a four part Controlled Substance delivery form is attached to packages. UCSD Campus packages are delivered to UCSD Mail Services and UCSD Medical Center packages are delivered to the UCSD Medical Center Pharmacy for disposition. Departments are notified when/where to pick up items.


C.            Chemicals


      1. A damaged shipment involving a chemical spill is reported immediately to Environment Health and Safety Office (EH&S) for clean-up and disposal of containers. Phone number for EH&S is 534-3660.


      1. Chemicals shipped are packed in authorized containers, properly labeled and have required outside markings. Shipping documents are properly completed to comply with Title 49 or IATA.


      1. Delivery vehicles transporting hazardous materials are properly marked with placards on the outside of the vehicle. Proper paperwork work stating the identification number, amount and the class of the chemical being transported is carried in the cab of the delivery vehicle.

D.            Gases


      1. Compressed gases are received, processed and delivered through the UCSD Storehouse.


      1. Gas Cylinders received and delivered by Storehouse are handled with safety at all times following Department of Transportation (DOT) standards. Cylinders are upright and secured when being transported on campus.


      1. Gas cylinders being sent to Shipping are picked up by the gas cylinder truck driver. Call the gas cylinder order number, 536-3225, for next day pick up.


E.            Explosives


When transporting explosives to or from campus, vehicles are specifically marked to conform to Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.