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526 - Storehouse

Section: 526-1
Effective: 10/05/1987
Supersedes: 03/30/1977
Next Review Date: TBD
Issuance Date: 10/05/1987
Issuing Office: Marketplace

PPM 526-1 Policy [pdf format]
PPM 526-1 Exhibit A [pdf format]





A.            Systemwide Business and Finance Bulletin (BFB)



University Direct Costing Procedures


Costing and Working Capital for Auxiliary and Service Enterprises


Tax-Free Alcohol Permits, Reports and Operations


Material Management


Operating Policy and University Supply Inventories


B.            UCSD Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM)



University Supply Inventories


Basic Purchasing Policy


Authority to Solicit Quotations, Release Award Information and Execute Purchase Orders/Contracts


Written Authorization to Purchase 190 and 200 Proof Absolute Alcohol




Central Stores Catalog (current edition)


Storehouse Requisition, FO 2107


III.           POLICY


The Central Stores is a service enterprise dedicated to providing the campus with common use supplies and materials in support of educational, research, and administrative programs. Physical Plant maintenance support is also provided. The Central Stores system operates as a division of Campus Materiel Management and maintains facilities at:


Location 1 - Central Warehouse/Administration - 8655 Production Ave. San Diego, CA 92121

Location 2 - SIO Storehouse - Service Yard SIO

Location 4 - Campus Corner Store - Corner of Russel & Lyman, Bldg. 600

Location 5 - Material Support - Bldg 605 MAAC

Location 6 - UC Medical Center - Steamplant UCSDMC


IV.           PROCEDURES


A.            Purchases


Storehouse sales are by recharge only. Cash sales are not authorized. Ordering departments are encouraged to refer to the Central Stores Catalog to identify items carried in stock. Supplies and materials may be purchased from Central Stores by the following methods:


      1. Telephone Orders


Direct telephone orders will be taken during normal business hours for items stocked at Location 1. The established goal is to process and deliver telephone orders within 24 hours via campus Material Distribution. To facilitate this rapid turnaround, departments are encouraged to review the Central Stores Catalog and provide the order desk with stock numbers, accurate unit of issue and correct delivery data.


      1. Mail Orders


Mail orders can be accommodated by completing a UCSD Storehouse Requisition Form, FO 2107, Exhibit A, and forwarding it via campus mail to Central Warehouse, Mail Code Q-046. Do not include material from more than one Storehouse location on one Requisition. Mail orders will be processed as received and delivered via campus Material Distribution. Every effort will be given to expedite mail orders; however, telphone orders will receive priority.


      1. Walk-in Purchases


On-campus Storehouse locations are open for over-the-counter purchases on a self-service basis, providing the customer an opportunity to browse. When purchasing an item, customers are required to complete a UCSD Storehouse Requisition Form which is available at each on-campus location. The attending storekeeper will assist customers and process issues.


      1. Special Orders (Buy-Outs)


Central Stores will special order items that are not normally stocked under the following conditions:


        1. All Special Order Requisitions must be sent to Central Warehouse, Mail Code Q-046.


        1. A separate UCSD Storehouse Requisition form must be submitted for each item, with complete description including, if available, manufacturer's name and model, size, color and quantity.


        1. Special order items will be ordered with the understanding that they will be accepted by the department. See paragraph IV.I., ``Material Returned for Credit'' for additional conditions.


B.            Back Order


When the stock-on-hand is not sufficient to complete an order, the unfilled portion will be placed on backorder unless otherwise indicated. All backorders will be filled upon receipt of the merchandise from the vendor.


C.            Purchase of Alcohol


190 and 200 proof absolute alcohol is available for purchase by authorized customers only at Locations 2 and 4. Authorized customers must make alcohol purchases in person. Telephone or mail orders will not be filled. See PPM 526-3 for authorization procedures.


D.            Bottled Water and Coolers


Bottled water (drinking, distilled, etc.) and water coolers are available directly from our current water vendor. Coupons are stocked at all on campus locations for the purchase of delivered water. Contact Central Warehouse/Administration for details.


E.            Furniture Orders


A selected group of office furniture is stocked by Central Stores. Descriptions and stock numbers can be found in the catalog. Customers should prepare a Storehouse Requisition listing only furniture items; other kinds of material should not be added to the furniture order. Phone orders will also be accepted. After furniture orders are processed by Central Stores, they will be forwarded to Material Distribution for delivery.


F.            Compressed Gas


A selection of common industrial and medical gases is maintained in stock. Descriptions and stock numbers can be found in the Central Stores Catalog. Telephone and mail orders will be accepted for stock gases. Special orders will be processed for non-stocked gases. See PPM 526-2 for procurement and cylinder control procedures.


G.            Rubber Stamps/Name Plates


Rubber stamps, name plates and marking devices may be ordered via Central Stores. Design catalogs and samples are available at the Campus Corner Store (Bldg. 600, Location 4).


H.            Typewriter Rental


Central Stores maintains a pool of IBM Selectric II and III, and Xerox 615 rental typewriters. Rental service includes insurance, maintenance, and 48 hour pickup and delivery. The only restriction is that Federal (Contract & Grant) accounts MAY NOT use this service.


I.              Material Returned for Credit


      1. Stock Items


Storehouse orders should be checked thoroughly for damage, defects, or errors as soon as received. If discrepancies or defects are noted, customers should contact Central Warehouse immediately. Material will be accepted for return to stock ONLY if currently stocked and in saleable condition in original manufacturer's carton. Credit will be at the current price. If an adjustment is desired, the item must be returned and a new order placed for the replacement merchandise.


      1. Special Orders - Non-Stocked


If there is a need to return special order items due to problems other than defects, every effort will be given to recover full credit. If however there are restocking, shipping or other expenses, they will be the responsibility of the requesting department.


J.             Delivery


The Material Distribution Division of Materiel Management is responsible for delivery of all items ordered from Location 1. All deliveries require signature. To avoid delay in receipt of Storehouse items it is important that someone authorized to accept deliveries be available. Any discrepancies should be reported immediately to Central Warehouse.


K.            Stocking New Items


      1. Central Stores stocks items that are of general use. Items used by one specific department are stocked only if the rate of sales justifies the cost of carrying the item on inventory.


      1. When a department believes there is a general demand for a new item, a written request should be sent to the Stores Manager describing the item and its estimated usage. After review the Stores Manager will inform the requestor of the stocking decision.


      1. Systemwide forms are normally stocked in the Storehouse. Campuswide forms will be stocked if Stores Management determines the estimated usage is sufficient. If a request for stocking a campus form is approved by Stores Management, the initiating office will prepare a draft copy suitable for printing and submit it to Central Stores. A stock number will be assigned and the form will be included in the system in the quantity recommended by the initiating office. Cancelled or obsolete forms MAY NOT be returned for exchange or credit. Any Storehouse expense incurred in the write-off of campus forms due to cancellation or obsolescence will be borne by the initiating department.


L.            Mark-Up


The Central Stores system is operated as a self-sustaining enterprise. A mark-up is made on cost of goods sold; the mark-up is based upon recovering all costs.


M.           Billing


Monthly billings are computed by Central Stores according to budget numbers provided by the customer. The billing describes each item purchased, references UCSD Storehouse Requisition number, quantity purchased and price charged.





The UCSD Storehouse Requisition, Stock Number FO2107, is a four part NCR form for use when ordering supplies and materials from Central Stores.  Requisitions are urged to either type or use pen when preparing the Requisition so all copies are neat and legible.


Distribution of Copies:


1.     White                Storehouse Copy          Retained by Central Stores


2.     Yellow              Packing Slip                 Returned to ordering department with material


3.     Pink                  Acknowledgement         Returned to ordering department on buy out transactions


4.     Green               Department                   Retained by ordering department




When preparing a Requisition, include the entire stock number and a brief description including basic item name, size, and/or color.  The entire description in the catalog will assist you in locating and identifying an item.


Please use a separate Requisition for special orders (buy-outs) of compressed gases, and furniture.

When placing special orders (buy-outs), leave the stock number column blank.  Do not mix stock items and special order items on the same Requisition.