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526 - Storehouse

Section: 526-2
Effective: 10/05/1987
Supersedes: 03/30/1977
Next Review Date: TBD
Issuance Date: 10/05/1987
Issuing Office: Marketplace

PPM 526-2 Policy [pdf format]
PPM 526-2 Exhibit A [pdf format]





A.            UCSD Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM)


523-4 Low-Value (MBA) Purchases from Outside Vendors                      

526-1 Central Stores Functions and Services




Storehouse Catalog (current edition)


Storehouse Requisition, FO 2107


III.           POLICY


The Central Gas Procurement and Cylinder control program functions under the direction of the Central Stores. Under this program, user departments, except the following, are required to order all compressed gases from the Central Stores:


University Hospital (Main Building)

Nimitz Marine Facility

Marine Physical Laboratory (Point Loma Facility)


The procedure for the procurement of compressed gases by these activities is included in Section IV. below.


The Central Storehouse will maintain a stock of common industrial and medical gases. Upon receipt of Requisitions from user departments, issues will be made from stock or orders for specialty mixes placed with the supper. Customer owned cylinders (those owned outright by departments) will be refilled under this program. Liquified gases (cryogenics) WILL NOT be controlled or handled under this program.


Central Stores will maintain cylinder control records by user department, budget number, cylinder tag number, type of gas, location, date of delivery to user department, and date of return by user department to the Central Storehouse. The user department will be billed for any demurrage charges in excess of 30 allowable free days.


Central Storehouse is responsible for all pick-ups and deliveries of gas cylinders at all on-campus and off-campus locations except as noted above.


IV.           PROCEDURES


A.            Central Stores


      1. Receipt of cylinders from supper.


        1. Affix I.D. Label, Exhibit A.


        1. Record receipt of product and cylinder log number on appropriate records.


      1. Issuance of cylinders from stock.


        1. Complete a UCSD Storehouse Requisition form, FO 2107


        1. Charge department for gas product only.


        1. Record delivery of the cylinder on appropriate cylinder control records.


      1. Receipt of empty cylinders from user department.


        1. Record return of cylinder by user department on appropriate record.

Note that safety requires that empty cylinders be returned with caps in place.


      1. Return of empty cylinders to supper.


        1. Transfer empty cylinders to supper upon delivery by supper of full cylinders.


        1. Record returns on appropriate records.


        1. Obtain receipt from supper.


B.            Campus User Departments


      1. Ordering compressed gases.


        1. Follow procedures set forth in PPM 526-1, Central Storehouse Functions and Services.


        1. Allow reasonable delivery time in placing orders. (Stock gases are usually delivered within 24 hours of receipt of order.)


      1. Relocation of cylinders


        1. Notify Central Stores by memorandum or telephone if any relocation of cylinders on campus or to any campus-related activity is made.


        1. Cylinders bearing Central Storehouse I.D. Labels will not be returned to the supper by University Hoital or Point Loma Facilities without prior authorization from the Central Storehouse.


      1. Return of empty cylinders


        1. Returns will be picked up at the time of delivery of the new gas products or by request to the Central Storehouse.
        2. Ensure that returned cylinders have safety caps in place.


        1. IMPORTANT: Return empty cylinders promptly to eliminate unnecessary demurrage charges. Demurrage charges begin after 30 allowable free days. IMPORTANT


      1. Inventory of cylinders


a.     Gas cylinder customers may be asked to participate in periodic inventory with Storehouse personnel to verify cylinder counts.


b.    Reconcile demurrage charges and Storehouse cylinder control records.


C.            University Hospital (Main Building)


1.         Follow Hospital directives for order of gas and return of cylinders.



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