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150 - Contracts and Grants (Research)

Section: 150-76
Rescinded: 08/21/2018
Effective: 02/14/2003
Supersedes: 02/03/1984
Next Review Date: TBD
Issuance Date: 02/14/2003
Issuing Office: Academic Senate

PPM 150-76 Policy [pdf format]



    1.  By-Laws and Standing Orders of The Regents 105.1 (a).

    2.  Manual of the San Diego Division of the Academic Senate, By-Law 235.

    3.  Handbook for Faculty Members of the University of California.

    4.  President's Letter, Travel to Scholarly Meetings and Field Research

    5.  Systemwide Business and Financial Bulletin (BFB)

      G-28 Policy and Regulations Governing Travel

    6.   UCSD Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM)


      Protection of Human Subjects


      Fiscal Closing


      Accounting and Budget Procedures Related to General Fund Research Committee Grants


      University Travel Regulations-General


      Means of Transportation, page 7, Privately Owned Automobiles


      Reimbursement of Subsistence Expenses


      Travel Advances and Travel Expense Claims


      Foreign Travel and Absences in Conjunction with Foreign Travel


      Special Travel


    1. General

      The General Campus Committee on Research and the Health Sciences Subcommittee of the Committee on Research meet three times a year: in the Spring to award funds that will become available on July 1 (beginning the new fiscal year), in the Fall, and in January (funds permitting). The Marine Sciences Subcommittee of the Committee on Research reviews applications throughout the year (funds permitting). Funds awarded by the Sub-committees must be expended one year from the inception date of the grant.

    2. Eligibility

      1. All members of the Academic Senate, including emeritus professors and members on sabbatical leave, are eligible to apply.

      2. Newly appointed and non-tenured Academic Senate members are particularly encouraged to initiate research projects and to apply for research funds from the Sub-committees. Their requests will receive highest priority.

    3. Conditions for Use

      1. Research involving the use of human subjects (including the use of questionnaires, body fluids, and tissues) must be approved by the Human Subjects Committee before being initiated. Application forms and assistance in filling them out are available in the Human Subjects Committee office.

      2. If your research project includes recombinant DNA research or biohazard, University policy requires that an approved Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement (MUA) be on file with the BioSafety Committee.

    4. Allowable Uses

      1. Assistance

        Assistants should aid in, but not substitute for, the scholarly work of the faculty member, nor should they be independent investigators. Wherever possible, work-study students should be employed as General Assistants. The Sub-committees provide for assistants on an hourly wage basis.

        Research assistance allocable to any one grant proposal will not exceed an amount equivalent to a one-half-time GSR for one quarter.

      2. Supplies and Expense

        Funds may be awarded to purchase expendable and non-expendable supplies.

      3. Field Research Travel

        Research funds may be used for the purpose of gathering data and research materials, for example, visits to museums, archives and libraries. Allowance may be made for transportation expenses and subsistence. The maximum award for subsistence is 15 days and the prevailing per diem rate at the time of application will apply. For information on per diem rates, see Blink: Menu: Meals, Lodging, and Per Diem.

      4. Permanent Equipment

        Funds may be granted for the purchase of essential equipment used in research. Strong justification must accompany requests for equipment purchases, noting alternatives and the availability of similar equipment elsewhere on campus. All equipment purchased from an Academic Senate research grant becomes the property of the University upon acquisition and reverts to the University upon completion of the project.

      5. Departmental Research

        Department chairs may apply for special departmental needs, for example, faculty research photocopying. Funds granted may be used only for the project presented and approved. The basis for this award is determined yearly by the Sub-committee.

      6. Preparation of Material for Final Publication

        These funds are available to Academic Senate members in support of the preparation of research results into final form for publication. Awards are made for a minimum of 100 pages of a single, typed manuscript in its final form or equivalent. Shorter manuscripts should be prepared within the department. Include the proposed title and number of pages of the manuscript. Funds will not be awarded if a publisher's advance has been received, for page charges, publication costs, or the preparation of textbooks to be sold commercially.

      7. Computer Funds

        Applications for computer equipment/software must be justified on a research basis. (Vendor price quotation required). Applicants must indicate what kind of computer equipment they currently use.

    5. Restrictions on Use of Funds

      Faculty research funds may be used only for the project presented and approved. Funds will not be awarded for:

      1. Textbooks

      2. Curricular, administrative and teaching aid studies

      3. Individual subscriptions, periodicals, publication costs, reprints

      4. Minor office and computer supplies (supplies the department would be expected to supply)

      5. Professional society dues

      6. Registration fees

      7. Telephone charges

      8. Typewriters, calculators, office furniture

      9. Maintenance and repair of equipment

      10. Graduate students' research

      11. Faculty salaries or fellowship

      In no circumstances will a grant be approved unless there is assurance that the applicant will return to teach.


    1. When to Apply

      Call Letters providing current and future deadline dates for Academic Senate support from the General Campus, Health Sciences, and Marine Sciences Subcommittees of the Committee on Research are available on a continuous basis at website: http://www-senate.ucsd.edu/cor .htm .

    2. How to Apply

      APPLICATION FORMS are available at website: http://www-senate.ucsd.edu/cor/applications/corapps.htm


    1. Review

      The Sub-committees will review the applications at scheduled meetings and will be guided by the following considerations:

      1. Priority will be given to meaningful new research projects or research for which no other funds are available, especially by junior and recently-arrived faculty.

      2. The project must be concerned with basic research or other scholarly or creative work, rather than with curricular or administrative questions.

      3. The description of the proposed project should be specific and well defined.

      4. The Sub-committees cannot support long-term projects indefinitely.

      5. The applicant must have used previous grants wisely. Evidence that previous grants have helped generate extramural research support will support an application.

      6. Unexpended balances of previous grants will reflect unfavorably on future applications. However, return of unexpended funds will not prejudice the Sub-committees against subsequent applications.

    2. Award and Implementation

      1. The Academic Senate Committee on Research will send a Notification of Research Committee, to the grantee and the grantee's department administration. The notification will contain the amount of the award, account number, fund, and index number. This notification usually occurs within six weeks following a meeting of the Sub-committee.

      2. If a grant is denied or a decision postponed, the Sub-committee will notify the applicant as soon as possible following the meeting. The applicant will be informed as to why the application was denied or a decision on the application was postponed.


    1. Grantee

      The grantee will comply with the following University regulations:

      1. Supplies and Expense

        Upon completion of the project, all materials of general utility purchased or acquired under research grants must be placed in the museum or other appropriate agencies maintained for housing such materials.

      2. Research Travel

        A Travel Expense Voucher prepared in the grantee's department office in accordance with Blink: Guidelines for Completing a Travel Expense Voucher(TEV), must be submitted to the Academic Senate upon completion of a trip. Vouchers and receipts must accompany the voucher.

      3. Permanent Equipment

        Any equipment of a permanent nature which is purchased under a research grant becomes the property of the University upon acquisition and reverts to the University upon completion of the research project.

      4. Over-Expenditures

        The grantee is responsible for administering the grant and is personally responsible for expenditures in excess of the grant.

      5. Changes in Use of Funds

        Sub-committee approval must be obtained for any changes in the use of funds.

      6. Deadlines

        The grantee must meet the following deadlines

        1. Return funds to the Sub-committee if funds for the stated purpose become available from any other source.

        2. Meet fiscal closing deadlines (PPM 300-60) pertaining to the purchase of equipment, work time periods of assistants, and establishment of liens for travel, or purchase of equipment having an imprecise delivery date.