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150 - Contracts and Grants (Research)

code no.titleeffective date
150-1 Office of Contract & Grant Administration Functions 12/01/1983
150-2 Solicitation and Acceptance of Contracts and Grants 09/13/1976
150-10 Eligibility to Submit Proposals for Extramural Support 03/10/1995
150-11 Timing of Proposal Submission - Deadline Dates for Regental Approval 03/12/1976
150-14 Facilities and Administrative Costs (F&A) Rates Development Process & Timetable 08/02/2011
150-15 Facilities and Administrative Cost (F&A) Rates Applicable to Research, Instruction,
and Other Federal and Non-Federal Sponsored Projects
150-33 UCSD Patent Program Rescinded 08/16/2021
150-35 Acceptance and Administration of Awards from Private Sources 06/01/1992
150-36 Responsibilities of Principal Investigators for the Administration of Awards 04/09/1976
150-37 Progress and Technical Reports 12/01/1983
150-40 Cost Accounting Standards Compliance 08/01/2001
150-42 Classification of Costs as Direct or Facilities and Administrative (Indirect) 08/01/2001
150-43 Accounting for Unallowable Costs 08/01/2001
150-60 Institutional Prior Approval System Requirements for Public Health Service (PHS) Research Grants 07/01/1986
150-61 Organizational Prior Approval System Requirements for
National Science Foundation (NSF) Research Grants
150-62 Rebudgeting of Contract Funds Under Administrative Contracting Authority of
the Office of Naval Research (ONR)
150-65 Request for Approval Procedures Under Organizational/Institutional Prior Approval System (OPAS/IPAS) 06/25/1984
150-75 Committee on Research 02/14/2003
150-76 Committee on Research Research Grants - Faculty and Departmental 02/14/2003
150-78 Committee on Research Research Grants - Travel to A Scholarly Meeting 02/14/2003
150-79 Committee on Research Research Grants - Intercampus Exchange Opportunity Fund 02/14/2003
150-82 UC San Diego Implementing Procedure for UC Policy, “Requirement to Submit Proposals and to Receive Awards for Grants and Contracts through the University” 11/26/2019