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150 - Contracts and Grants (Research)

Section: 150-79
Rescinded: 08/21/2018
Effective: 02/14/2003
Supersedes: 02/03/1984
Next Review Date: TBD
Issuance Date: 02/14/2003
Issuing Office: Academic Senate

PPM 150-79 Policy [pdf format]



    1.  UCSD Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM)


      University Travel Regulations-General


      Means of Transportation, page 7, Privately Owned Automobiles


      Reimbursement of Subsistence Expenses


      Special Travel

      *See PPM 150-76 for other related policies.


    1. General

      Restrictions in the use of these research funds only allow travel support of Academic Senate members and registered graduate students for research purposes at other campuses and facilities of the University of California. This does not incude meetings of scholarly societies that happen to meet at these facilities; support to attend conferences at UC campuses is not an allowable use of these funds. This does not include presentation of seminars. The name of the faculty consulted and title of the project must be included on the travel reimbursement, i.e., Travel Expense Voucher (TEV), Mileage Vouchers, etc. When the travel is primarily in the interest of faculty member(s) from another UC campus, that faculty member's campus should pay expenses.

    2. Eligibility

      All members of the Academic Senate and registered graduate students are eligible to apply for these funds through their department.

    3. Restrictions

      1. Awards are restricted to airfare only (lowest published fare not to exceed $250/trip) or mileage in lieu of airfare. Funds are not to be used for agency fees, subsistence, taxis, parking fees, etc.

      2. There is no subsistence allowance.


    1. When to Apply

      A Call Letter inviting department chairs to apply for these funds is sent in the Spring of each year. Applications should be submitted by the deadline stated on the Call Letter for intercampus travel anticipated during the fiscal year beginning July 1 and ending June 30. Other applications will be considered throughout the year as funds permit.

    2. How to Apply

      1. Application forms are available at http://www-senate.ucsd.edu/cor .htm

      2. Sign the form and submit the application to the Academic Senate Office.


    1. Review

      Applications will be reviewed in June. The basis for the award is determined yearly by the General Campus Subcommittee.

    2. Award

      1. The Intercampus Exchange Grant Application will be returned to the chair and the department office fund manager.

      2. The lower half of the application, Notice of Research Committee Award, will be completed and will state the amount of the award and the department account to which the funds have been transferred.

    3. Implementation

      1. All travel expense vouchers must be routed to the Academic Senate, Mail Code 0002, for approval. The research component of the trip [faculty consulted and the titles of the project(s)] must be recorded in the "Purpose and Destination of the Event" box on the Travel Expense Voucher. TEVs will not be approved unless the name of the faculty consulted and title of the research comonent/project is recorded on the travel reimbursement.

      2. Future grants will be based on the information received by the Subcommittee regarding the inter-departmental disbursement of these funds. ANY MISUSE OF FUNDS ILL BE TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT ON FUTURE REQUESTS.

      3. The total amount will be allocated in two increments. Half of the total award will be allocated on July 1. Any unspent portion remaining in the account on December 31, will be deducted when awarding the final one-half of the award, which will be allocated on January 1. Any unspent funds will automatically be deducted from the total award in the following Fiscal Year.