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270 - Ceremonies, Conduct, and Discipline

Section: 270-11
Effective: 08/13/2021
Supersedes: PPM 270-10
Next Review Date: 08/13/2024
Issuance Date: 08/13/2021
Issuing Office: Vice Chancellor - Resource Management & Planning

PPM 270-11 Policy [pdf format]




This policy applies to all persons at all UC San Diego locations.





This policy governs the use of Micromobility Devices at UC San Diego to ensure the safety and security of the campus community.





A.    Micromobility Devices means devices or vehicles including but not limited to, bicycles, scooters, skateboards, and other wheeled devices intended or used for human transport, whether powered by the rider, by an electric motor, a gasoline motor, or by a combination thereof, which:


·       Weigh less than 250 pounds, and

·       Are not required or eligible to be registered as a motor device in the State of California, and are not used primarily to assist the mobility of people with disabilities.


B.    Commercial Micromobility Devices means Micromobility Devices owned by a business and rented or lent to others for consideration.


C.    Designated Charging Areas means physical locations in which charging electric Micromobility Devices is permitted as indicated by University signage and inclusion on a list of Designated Charging Areas maintained by Transportation Services and posted on the Transportation Services website: transportation.ucsd.edu.


D.    Hoverboard means any motorized device consisting of a platform for the user’s feet, which is mounted on two wheels, and is controlled by the rider’s distribution of their weight.





The use or storage of gasoline-powered or gasoline-assisted Micromobility Devices is prohibited at UC San Diego. Exceptions for Micromobility Devices used in research may be granted by the Director of Environment, Health, & Safety.


The possession/ and or use of Hoverboards is prohibited at UC San Diego.  Exceptions for vehicles used in research may be granted by the Director of Environment, Health, & Safety.


At UC San Diego, non-gasoline powered Micromobility Devices are permitted to be operated safely, courteously, under control, and in compliance with California laws, including California Vehicle Code (CVC) Section 21235. Non-gasoline powered Micromobility Devices must also be operated in accordance with this policy and any University posted signage.


Micromobility Devices that rely exclusively on electric power and have a top speed greater than 20 miles per hour may not be operated on campus pathways, bicycle lanes, or micromobility lanes and may not be parked at campus bike racks or in micromobility parking areas.


The safety of stationary persons, pedestrians, and individuals moving at lower speeds than the operator of a Micromobility Device is paramount. Any person riding or operating a Micromobility Device on any right of way not open to public vehicular traffic shall exercise due care and shall yield the right of way to pedestrians.


Operators of Micromobility Devices must maintain full control of the device at all times and may not carry passengers or objects that impede the operators’:


A.    balance,

B.    ability to travel at a safe speed, or

C.    safely and efficiently steer or stop the vehicle.


Operators must not use handheld electronic devices (e.g., cellular phones) while operating Micromobility Devices. Passengers are never permitted on scooters or skateboards.


Operators of Micromobility Devices must operate in a manner that does not obstruct the operator’s senses and ability to perceive other travelers or hazards. Operators of Micromobility Devices may not wear a headset covering, earplugs in, or earphones covering, resting on, or inserted in, both ears except as expressly permitted by law.


No person shall operate a Micromobility Device at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent having due regard for pedestrian traffic and/or at a speed which endangers the safety of persons or property.


Operators of Micromobility Devices must operate in a manner that is safe for conditions, including but not limited to rain, wind, glare, darkness, presence of other users, and the condition of the roadway, path, or other surface ridden on. Micromobility Devices operated on university grounds must use both lights and reflectors when operating between sunset and sunrise, if such use would be required for operation on roadways by the California Vehicle Code.


Operation of Micromobility Devices is prohibited in all campus buildings, on the Forum level of Geisel Library, and on the decks of Mandeville Center.


Operation of Micromobility Devices is prohibited where signs restricting such activity are posted by Transportation Services, Facilities Management, and/or UC San Diego Police.


Charging of Micromobility Devices is prohibited, except in Designated Charging Areas.  Exceptions for Micromobility Devices used in research may be granted by the Director of Environment, Health, & Safety.

Micromobility Devices shall not be parked or stored in the following locations or manners:


a.              Within six feet of any normal entrance to or exit from any building at UC San Diego unless at a bicycle rack, parking device, or marked parking area provided within that distance.

b.              In the vehicular or pedestrian areas of travel on any street, highway, parking lot, parking space, parking lot access, walkway, footpath, building exit, stairwell or sidewalk.

c.              For more than 72 hours at any location, unless located at a parking lot, transit stop, or residence.

d.              At areas with signs indicating that such parking is prohibited. Additionally, no Micromobility Device of any kind may be parked where signs indicate “No Bicycle Parking”.

e.              On any lawn or landscaped area or in a manner that interferes with landscape maintenance, except in those areas designated for bicycle and/or Micromobility Device parking.

f.                Locked or attached to any structure not maintained or designated for the purpose of securing Micromobility Devices.

g.              In such a condition or location as to be considered abandoned.


Unauthorized Commercial Micromobility Devices (such as those belonging to vendors who do not possess a valid permit to operate on the UC San Diego Campus) may not be parked or stored on/at any UC San Diego location.


Micromobility Devices parked or stored in violation of this policy are subject to impound and the assessment of impound and storage fees not to exceed $25 for impound and $2 per day for storage. Any University police officer or employee authorized by the Chief of Police may remove any securing mechanism using whatever reasonable means are necessary to impound any Micromobility Device that is in violation of this policy. Employees authorized to remove and impound a Micromobility Device in this manner, as well as the University, shall not be liable to the owner of the securing device or the owner of the Micromobility Device for the cost of repair or replacement of the securing device or the Micromobility Device. Micromobility Devices impounded under this policy will be stored by Transportation Services in a secure facility. After 90 days, unclaimed Micromobility Devices may be sold at auction or otherwise disposed of consistent with the auction and disposal aspects of PPM 460-2.


In the absence of additional conditions or regulations contained in this policy, all provisions of the California Vehicle Code apply to the operation of Micromobility Devices on UC San Diego property.


Except as permitted by a valid written agreement signed by an authorized UC San Diego representative, the staging, rental, loan, parking, and/ or operation of Commercial Micromobility Devices is prohibited. A list of Commercial Micromobility Device vendors permitted to operate at UC San Diego shall be maintained by Transportation Services.


Violation of this policy may result in the imposition of fines.





Vice Chancellor Resource Management and Planning will create and publish appropriate guidelines pursuant to this policy in collaboration with campus stakeholders.


Vice Chancellor of Resource Management and Planning will establish a permitting process to authorize and manage Commercial Micromobility Device operations on the campus.


UC San Diego Police or their designee shall be responsible for the enforcement of this policy.


Operators are responsible for their own safety and are strongly encouraged to use helmets when riding Micromobility Devices.  Operation of Micromobility Devices has inherent risk; when choosing to operate Micromobility Devices, the operators accept that risk.


Micromobility Device operators are responsible for maintaining awareness of conditions at all times and ceasing operations if a hazard is present.

UC San Diego does not control, and has no role in, maintenance or inspection of Commercial Micromobility Devices. UC San Diego therefore does not represent that Commercial Micromobility Devices are safe for operation.
















California Vehicle Codes:

















See also UC San Diego Policy & Procedure Manual (PPM):


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Transportation Services website:




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08/13/2021 – This policy was originally issued. This policy supersedes PPM270-10 – Interim Commercial Micromobility Device policy issued 9/29/2020.The policy rescinds PPM270-2 Regulations concerning Skateboards issued 12/01/1997 and PPM270-3 Regulations concerning Bicycles issued 12/01/1997.